Eternal Eyes - PlayStation

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Eternal Eyes (PlayStation)
Viewed: Combination Isometric, Scrolling Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: TamTam ABC Soft. Co.: Sunsoft
Publishers: Sunsoft (GB)
Released: 22 Sept 2000 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Accessories: Analogue JoyPad, Memory Card


This is a role-playing game involving an epic journey taken by dolls known as Mappets. The city and dungeon maps are displayed in 3D and the characters in 2D. The range of attack methods is widened for combat sequences by adding commands given to the Mappet to traditional attacks using the protagonist's weapon arrays.
The Mappet is given life and evolves into a variety of monsters by having Magic Jewels, of which there are twenty different kinds, thrown at it. The course of its evolution can be observed, and hence it's secrets unravelled. This can be seen in a flow chart. The Mappet, as well as the protagonist, increases it's experience quotient through travelling, and the magic sequences launched by the Mappets, serve to enhance the story in a singular way.

In addition, the map and tricks that change with each entry into the dungeon allows the player to be inventive in clearing the area. For this purpose, Eternal Eyes is structured with both a sweeping plot background and self-contained divisions, infusing the game with the classical sense of fun that tempts players to enjoy it again and again.

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