Tazmania Munching Madness - Game Boy Color

Also known as: Tazmanian Devil Munching Madness

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Viewed: 2.5D Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: M4 Soft. Co.: Sunsoft
Publishers: Sunsoft (GB/US)
Released: 1999 (US)
Nov 1999 (GB)


Tazmania "Munching Madness" is another title in the Looney Tunes series using the well loved, Warner brothers character Tazmania. Taz is a top down maze racing style game. This is a fast paced game where food must be consumed by Taz at an alarming rate, a video games answer to “fast food”. All graphics in the backgrounds and charcters are drawn in a 2½ D style to give the game a very 3D look. True to the cartoon character license, Taz and his world will be portrayed in bright, strong colours making full use of the Gameboy Color hardware specification. There is plenty of humour in the Taz universe and Tazmania " Munching Madness" makes no attempt to hold back Taz’s comical cartoon antics. When you pick up Tazmania you won’t be in a rush to put him back down.

Taz’s arch enemies, Bull Gator and his sidekick Axl, have captured Taz’s friend Wendal T Wolf. The objective of the game is for the player to guide Taz across the world to save his friend Wendal from Bull Gator and Axl. Taz will start his travels from his home in Tasmania and will visit locations such as Australia, China, Greek Islands, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Amazon Jungle and more. Taz is famous for his voracious appetite for strange and exotic food substances and it is precisely this food that Taz must devour to advance through the game. Taz must eat all of the food on each level before he can go on to the next level. Food is the key to Taz’s success and is useful to Taz in many different ways. The variety and quantity of food found on each level will help Taz to reach his friend Wendal. However Bull Gator and Axl have got wind of Taz’s plan to save Wendal and have set out to stop Taz. On every level Bull Gator and Axl will be chasing Taz in their motorbike and sidecar as well as setting traps for him. Along the way Taz must gather Golden Trophies to build his strengths for the final show down.

For all stages the aim is to collect as many Golden Trophies as possible. Taz will encounter many varied and original enemies on the way as well as his old familiar rivals, but also meet many of his friends and family who will assist him.

In each stage there are many many traps and obstacles to hinder his progress as he finds and collects the golden Warner Bros trophies.