Moomins Tale - Game Boy Color

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Arcade origin:No
Soft. Co.: Sunsoft
Publishers: Sunsoft (GB)
Released: 2000 (GB)
Ratings: 3+


Moomintroll is the main character of this game, and his adventures take place in the outside-world, with Moominhouse as his home base. Moomintroll is allowed to go on adventures if certain conditions are fulfilled, there are many different catalysts for his adventures such as natural disasters and chance conversations
Before going on an adventure, Moomintroll should gather food and items which are hidden in Moomin Valley. These give him energy when he is on his adventures, helps him avoid or recover after falling in traps or slipping and also helps him gain his enthusiasm if he is becoming fatigued. Each food item has a specific value and assists Moomintroll in a different way.
There are small adventures to be had, which may consist of mini games or there are big adventures which, consist of a journey and a mission, these take longer to complete. For example in one adventure the Snork Maiden is ill and Moomintroll has to find the cure, which is believed to come from a particular tree on a far away island, and so he goes in search of the island and the tree. On his way he has to cross the sea in a small boat, negotiate electrified hattifnatt on the island, persevere forward into the deep dark jungle and find the tree.

Moomin's Tale is a really nice game. Makes you smile when playing it and that I believe is a very good thing.