This Is Football - PlayStation

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This Is Football (PlayStation)
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Sport: Football - Soccer
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Sony Soft. Co.: Sony
Publishers: Sony (GB)
Released: 10 Dec 1999 (GB)
Ratings: 3+


So, This Is Football, somewhat portentously titled, and not much more. True, it has everything you would expect from a big football title-the teams, the stadia-they're all in attendance. It seems that the people behind this game have taken a good look at the other recently released soccer titles, thrown in some if their own ideas, and expected something wonderful to happen. It takes a little more than that to impress a hardcore football gamer.

The biggest quibble is that the action is just too darn slow. the players' movements are sometimes slug-like, which can present problems when trying to outrun defences. That said, in one player mode, the artificial intelligence of the computer team is spot-on, and as difficult an opponent as you're likely to encounter. There are some nice moves to be found with the shoulder buttons too, but for every plus there's a minus looming. The choice of in-game camera angles is poor, close-up views only attainable when watching a replay. Truly, Brian, this is a game of two halves.