Tonka Construction - PC

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Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Hasbro (GB)
Released: Unknown (GB)
Accessories: Mouse, Keyboard


Kids, especially boys love Tonka toys. With Tonka Construction 2 for the PC you can build your very own Tonka City. Just like designing a real city, players must decide what kind of buildings they want, what the buildings will look like, and where they want them to be built. This is going to be the biggest construction challenge ever, have fun.

Tonka Construction 2 features twelve heavy-duty Tonka trucks to play with. You will be in charge of each of them. Drive and operate each massive vehicle to complete the various tasks in the game. Help Tonka Joe in a variety of interesting jobs. Some of the construction jobs include jobs include paving desert roads and designing a snow-capped mountain resort.

Building is only half of the fun of construction. Another fun activity is operating the Tonka digger in the quarry. You can use the digger to try and find buried treasure.

Since you built the buildings, you can blow them up as well. There are four different demolitions modes to destroy your creations. Once you have levelled your virtual city, you can always rebuild it again.

Tonka Construction 2 lets you customise your creations and you can save and print out your work for safekeeping.