Tonka Raceway - PC

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Also for: Game Boy Color
Viewed: Not known Genre:
Racing: Car
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Hasbro (GB)
Released: Unknown (GB)


Kids can visit the construction site to customize racetracks in four different terrain – Desert, Frozen Tundra, Jungle and City, using six different track shapes to build their own courses. They can then choose different obstacles to strategically place for optimal crashing! If they change their minds as they build, they can get rid of a section of track by blasting it away with a stick of dynamite.

Each of the 30 default vehicles has performance statistics based on four variables –speed, handling, acceleration and durability. Choose the best vehicle for the given course and you’re off! Kids can test their own times in solo racing or in 2-racer mode they can challenge a friend or any Tonka Town computer opponent. Kids race from a top-down, split-screen point-of-view where they can see their challengers’ progress as they move along. Each course contains four on-track power-ups that boost vehicle performance, and to reward a succession of wins, kids get vehicle upgrades to permanently improve vehicle performance.

Kids that have already played Tonka Garage on their computer will be amazed by the automatic load function that searches the hard drive for vehicles they built in Tonka Garage. Without prompting the computer, kids see their very own vehicles magically appear in the Tonka Raceway selection of vehicles to race on their customized courses. Not only can they design a course to fit the vehicles they’ve built in Tonka Garage, kids now can design a course and then go back to Tonka Garage to customize a vehicle to fit the terrain and obstacles of that course. It’s a whole new approach that promises hours of possibilities. After racing their vehicles, kids can stop by the Press Box to print out all kinds of certificates and press headlines about their races.