Gio Gio's Bizarre Adventure - Dreamcast

Also known as: Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure

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Also for: PS2, PlayStation
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Scrolling Genre:
Beat 'Em Up
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Capcom Soft. Co.: Capcom
Publishers: VIE (DE/ES/FR/GB/IT)
Capcom (US/JP)
Released: 21 Apr 2000 (DE/ES/FR/GB/IT)
1999 (US)
Unknown (JP)
Ratings: 11+
Accessories: Visual Memory Card, Arcade Stick


Beat-em-up fans, prepare yourself for a completely different 2D fighter called Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure on Dreamcast. Bizarre is the right word to use, but amongst a host of sequels Jo Jo is highly appreciated. Originality is a key concept to the development of the video game industry and Jo Jo has plenty of new ideas. This game is based on the Anime series of the same name.

Capcom are the kings of fighting games in many people’s minds especially when it comes to 2D fighting. The Street Fighter series has sold more than 22 million units worldwide since it was introduced. If anyone knows how to make a balanced, addictive fighting game, it’s Capcom.

Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure has a unique comic book style that is pleasing to the eye. What makes this game special is its use of the stand system. Each character has an alter ego that can be called upon during the fight. Certain special moves and supers utilise this stand character to devastating effect. For example you can send your alter-ego into battle and while they’re doing a combo you can jump over your opponent and carry on the attack from the other side.

Jo Jo sports a healthy selection of characters to choose from. Each has their own personality and assortment of moves. You’re bound to find a few that suit your playing style. There is so much re-playability with Jo Jo that you will find yourself coming back time after time. Beat-em-ups are naturally one of the most fiercely competitive genres and if have a friend that has similar skills you’ll be playing this game for months. And you can play the single player game to brush up and perfect your moves and combos.

If you’re after something slightly different from a beat ‘em up, Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure may well be it.