Countdown To Meltdown - C64

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Media: Cassette Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Mastertronic (GB)
Released: Unknown (GB)


Countdown To Meltdown - C64 Screen


A serious explosion at the Brands Point nuclear power plant has left casualties among the staff. The administrators are face with the imminent danger of a second and bigger explosion due to the overheating of the central core.

Trev Harris, the man responsible for the creation of the team of android workers has been called to the site. It will be his job to find a way down into the lower levels using his team of crack android commandos.

The new site, not yet fully operational is one of the most complex power plants ever constructed with over 2,000 rooms. The core is believed to be at least 8 levels below the ground.

It’s a race against time of which nobody can predict the outcome. The clock is already ticking...


Lead Programmer