Hebereke's Popoitto - PlayStation

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Also for: SNES
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Sunsoft Soft. Co.: Sunsoft
Publishers: Sunsoft (GB)
Released: 1995 (GB)
Ratings: 3+


"I like it... but then I'm a girl" That's how one of our friends described Hebereke's Popoitto. And it's true, for some reason girls seem to like and excel at these kind of 'falling block' puzzle games.

Hebereke heritage can be traced back, ultimately to Tetris, but the game it most closely resembles is Columns, which was a smash on the Sega GameGear.

In Hebereke, the falling objects are twin 'beans' or Popoons, each of a different colour, or occasionally both the same colour. When three or four Popoons (depending on the play mode) of the same colour are aligned, they 'burst' and disappear from the playfield. In two-player mode, bursting Popoons results in Poroporos falling into your opponent's playfield.

To further add to the fun and confusion, the Poroporos move up and down, or side to side by one block.

Hebereke's is a trifle confusing game at first, but pretty soon it's massively playable and hugely addictive.