Worms - Amiga

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Worms (Amiga)
Also for: PC, Xbox 360, Power Mac, PlayStation, Game Boy, Saturn, Jaguar, Sega Megadrive, SNES, CD32
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Scrolling Genre:
Strategy: Combat
Shoot 'Em Up
Media: 3.5" floppy disk Arcade origin:No
Developer: Team17 Soft. Co.: Team17
Publishers: Ocean (GB/US)
Released: Nov 1995 (GB)
Unknown (US)


The original version of Worms. Andy Davidson originally wrote this Scorched Earth/Tanks inspired game in AMOS, then re-wrote it in Blitz Basic in order to enter it for the Amiga Format competition, where amid some 1000 entries, it somehow got overlooked.

Andy then approached Team17 with the game at the Spring 1994 ECTS (European Computer Trade Show) Martyn Brown was instantly impressed, and the game was signed to Team17 days later. Initially, only an Amiga version was planned, but it quickly became apparent that the game was a smash hit, and versions for other platforms were created. While the conversions were being coded, Andy had the opportunity to polish the Amiga version till it shone brightest of all. Despite the valiant efforts of Gary Symons, Pieter Opdam and East Point Software who made excellent console versions of the game, Worms plays best with a keyboard, and the Amiga's smooth and fast bitplane scrolling made the Amiga version the definitive version.