Talisman - Spectrum 48K

Also known as: Talisman: The Magical Quest Game

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Talisman (Spectrum 48K)
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Flick screen Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Adventure: Text and Graphic
Arcade origin:No
Soft. Co.: Games Workshop
Publishers: Games Workshop (GB)
Released: 1985 (GB)


It is a time of change. The old overlords have lost control over the land, and the people live in fear. Magical creatures and evil forces are everywhere.

It is told that in a far region there is a source of power so strong that anyone who could reach it would be able to dominate the land.

Many adventurers have tried to find this legendary place, but the perils are many and few have returned alive. Those that have all speak of the same thing - that the place cannot be found without the Talisman.

Games Workshop's Talisman, the company claims, is a true successor to Legend's 1983 hit Valhalla. Dubbed a "multi-player arcade adventure", the game is based on Games Workshop's fantasy board game of the same name.

Involving up to four players in any one game, each selecting any one of the usual fantasy characters - elves, sorceresses, druids, wizards, trolls, for example - and when battling alone, the player can select characters for the computer the control. As with the board game, the goal is to reach the "Crown of Command" . Hindering your progress, however, are Hobgoblins and Giants, which you must battle in the turn-based fashion familiar to any board games player. As you traverse the land you'll collected experience, such as strength and craft points - handy as the battles get increasingly more taxing - along with items such as gold and talismans.


Original Concept
Executive Producer
Lead Programmer
Packaging/Manual Design