Alleyway - Game Boy

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Alleyway (Game Boy)
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Static screen Genre:
Classic Arcade: Bat and Ball
Arcade origin:No
Released: Unknown (GB)


Alleyway for the Nintendo GameBoy is an update to the classic breakout formula. The rules of the game are simple, you must destroy all of the bricks in the screen while keeping the ball in play. The more bricks you destroy, the higher your point total will be. What makes Alleyway slightly tricky is the angle the ball takes after it hits your bat. You must learn how to hit the ball to the part of the screen you want and that takes practice. If you make contact with the ball while your bat is moving you place spin on the ball that alters its trajectory. This can be handy for making skill shots where your ball can rebound about at the top of screen racking up even more points.

Alleyway has a few variations to its playing style to increase the depth of its gameplay. Some of the levels do not remain static, the bricks revolve around the screen. This adds a fresh new challenge as the difficulty of your shots is increased. In other levels the bricks will start to drop down slowly if you are taking too much time. Finally, just to make things really tough after a certain number of shots the size of your bat is cut by half and the ball speeds up. One of Alleyway’s many charms is its music. Different coloured bricks produce slightly different tones when destroyed and taking them out in sequence produces your own real-time music. This has a hypnotic effect that is quite soothing.

Alleyway has some pure addictive gameplay that will eliminate boredom on any journey.