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Everything you do on these planets comes with tokens that can be spent upgrading the character that overlooks the area. Get the reputation high enough and you're given huge rewards. It's something that carries through Destiny 2. If you're playing, you're earning. Nothing is pointless and although some tasks offer higher rewards, you'll still come out with something worth having.

If you want to take a break from fighting enemy AI then then you'll be happy to know that the crucible is as good as it's ever been. Now set to 4v4, matches feels far more teamwork-focused. You naturally try and stick together, going alone is no longer an option. Although this means that Control takes a bit of a hit, the main deathmatch modes feel far more tense as a result.

Instead of jumping about the place shotgunning mugs in the face, you sit back and wait for the other team's move. There are times in the ranked mode where it feels more like Rainbow Six than Halo, as your lives are limited so you try not to risk putting yourself in danger. Things go quiet, you stare down your sights and pray that the other team hasn't worked out a way to flank you. A few seconds of carnage and you'll have either pulled off a fantastic move or been embarrassed by a knife in the back.

There's very little to moan about here. Some people are quick to jump on the game's micro transactions and that could well be an issue in the future, but for now everything they're trying to sell you has been easy to come by through gameplay.

The enemies themselves are a little disappointing. A few have been added here and there with some being given new abilities, but it's a shame that we've not seen a new race introduced. As fun as The Fallen and The Cabal are to fight, we've already fought them for an insane amount of time and they've not changed a drastic amount.

There's also that horrible feeling of wanting more already. As I write, I've hit the level cap and got my power up to 256, just 4 away from being able to take on the raid. I've run most of the strikes (it's unclear which ones I have or haven't done), spent a lot of time on each planet and I just want more of it. I'm not bored of what's on offer, and I'm well aware that I have the raid to do and a hell of a lot of content that's planned over the coming months but I just want more.

I want to quit my job and my life and sit in a cupboard on the Isle of Wight and play this game until I expire. Maybe Rocket League and this. That'll do me. How's the internet connection over there?

Destiny 2 is more than I ever thought it would be. It's gone the extra mile to take what was an excellent game and make it better. Each design choice has been made with the player's interest at heart and is as thrilling to play as it is rewarding.

Those who enjoyed the first game are going to be blown away by this, and if Destiny never clicked with you I highly recommend giving this one a go. You may initially miss out on those nostalgic touches and in-jokes but soon you'll be wrapped up in your own and on board with what Bungie are trying to achieve.

While playing with a friend (I say friend, I mean The Computer Game Show's Sean Bell. I'll never actually admit in public that he's a friend as he uses the phrase "Shooty Bang Bang") he made a statement that stuck with me: "I can't think of a single way that Bungie could have made this better". And other than sticking a few more enemy types into it, I have to agree.

- Improvements on every game mode
- Same excellent gunplay
- Removes the busy work

- No new enemy races.

SPOnG Score: 10/10
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Games: Destiny 2

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