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The title of Pylon: Rogue gives the impression that this is a game about a maniacal electrical pylon that is terrorising the countryside. Sadly this isn't the case. Perhaps there is a title in the works that is about that very thing. But, no, Pylon: Rogue is actually an action adventure game that boasts four different character classes and has the perennial one life and very limited health.

Pylon: Rogue consists of an overworld map (akin to that in Super Mario World) where areas are selected by the player to enter so that they can engage in combat with various beasts with the aim of getting more stuff. The acquisition of things is very much at the core of Pylon: Rogue, so much so that the 'paladin' character is actually called a 'Moneydin' who has the special power of turning enemies into gold statues before smashing them into pieces and earning a boatload of money.

Presented in a semi-isometric view, the controls are built around the now standard controller layout that requires the player to carefully manage their attacks and defence stances when engaging enemies. Pylon: Rogue is certainly no hack'n slash game, even if at a cursory glance it looks like one.

While I played the demo of it at PAX East 2017 I did find myself taking quite a beating due to playing it as if it were a button mashing hack-'n'- slash. Pylon: Rogue demands the player takes their time and keep a close eye on their health, else their single life will come to an end.

It is possible to turn the tide of battle via the use of special powers that can only be triggered via a scroll. These are a limited resource that can be gathered in areas or bought from a store accessed via the overworld map. Do not fret though, this isn't a micro-transaction element of Pylon: Rogue; it is simply an in-game store that allows the player to buy additional items.

I had a lot of fun with Pylon: Rogue during my short time with it and was heartened to hear that it was currently in early access and is due for release later this year on Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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