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When games take on historically accurate material, they can sometimes come across as a little dry. Most games try to throw in some form of fantasy or supernatural goings on to make things slightly more interesting. It's only recently that game developers have started to tackle actual historical events and portray them in a videogame. Expeditions: Viking is just such a game as it explores trials and tribulations of the Scandinavian people as they were 1,000 years ago.

Expeditions: Viking is the second game in the series by Logic Artists, the first being Expeditions: Conquistadors. This earlier title dealt with the conquest and colonisation of Central and South America by Spain. Like its predecessor, Expeditions: Viking doesn't pull any punches when it comes to portraying the brutal world of the Vikings.

The demo I experienced at Rezzed 2016 concerned a Viking raiding party that was determined to exhume the contents of a grave for the valuables within it. The player is forced to make decisions that impact on the overall story arc of Expeditions: Viking.

The world is presented on a 2D plane with the player being able to roam freely until they engage in combat. Once this occurs a turn-based hexagonal system is triggered. This is a traditional model of rounds between enemies and the player. Positioning is vital in Expeditions: Viking as no unit can pass through another, thus encouraging the player to think carefully about where units are placed.

The demo at Rezzed 2016 was relatively short, but it gave a really good feel for what Expeditions: Viking had in store for players when it is released later this year for Windows PC.

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