First Looks// EGX Rezzed 2016: Disposable Heroes

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Heroes, then. They're not so great if Disposable Heroes is to be believed. My time with it at Rezzed 2016 certainly pointed to that fact, at any rate. I was also thoroughly engaged with it, largely thanks to it reeking of self awareness, which is no bad thing when video games do have a tendency to be a little too po-faced at times.

Essentially a dungeon crawler, the player must make their way through a series of rooms and environments to prevent the kingdom from falling into perpetual darkness.

The heroes' quest is to find the head of the king's son and return it. This sounds quite grim of course, mainly because it is, but it certainly makes a change from rescuing the princess by instead focussing on severed part of the royal family.

The thing that immediately struck me about Disposable Heroes was its presentation. The art is somewhat unique, in that it appears to have been hand-drawn by someone who isn't particular adept at doing that very thing.

Everything is made up of simple bulbous shapes and limbs are little more than sticks. Despite this they are all reasonably well animated, to the point where you look beyond the crude art style and see beating beneath it a very fun and entertaining game.

The player controls their respective disposable hero as they run around levels swiping at enemies using the nearest weapon they can lay their little stick hands on. It's fast-paced and all very silly, especially when you encounter boss monsters who are even more poorly drawn than the heroes.

Disposable Heroes is out now for Windows PC.

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