First Looks// Megaton Rainfall

Posted 12 Apr 2016 15:24 by
Developer: Pentadimensional Games
Format: Windows PC

There have been many superhero games that have appeared on some screen or another. Very few seem to capture the spirit of actually being an all-powerful being, leaning on the trope of just throwing hundreds of enemies at the player and letting them decimate them with a few carefully timed button presses.

But what would it really be like to be able to fly about unaided and fling powerful bolts of energy? Megaton Rainfall aims to answer that very question and I think it did so very well.

The player controls a super-being who can indeed fly and launch bolts of energy at a whim. The player appears just as alien space craft descend upon the cities of earth and start destroying them, seemingly for no reason and also indiscriminately. It appears only the super-being the player controls can put a stop to this but, despite his powers, he is vulnerable to the weapons being used by the aliens.

The machines being used by the aliens have weak points on them that only become exposed when they are about to fire. It therefore requires precise timing and aiming to ensure the machine is destroyed before they fire, causing significant destruction in the process.

The visuals are quite stark, with skyscrapers rising into the sky and vast space ships hovering over them before they unleash their fiery destructive force onto the city below. It also has as slightly blurred texture to everything, as if the camera lens had been covered in grease. It's not too dissimilar to the bloom effect that was very popular 10 years ago.

Megaton Rainfall is very much in a concept form at the time I played it at EGX and is therefore some way off being released. I enjoyed what I played of it and felt very empowered as I flew across the cityscape defending it from the invading machines of destruction from outer space.

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