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Before I launch into my preview of Godzilla I just want to make it clear that this game is based on the Japanese Godzilla and not the one Hollywood has tried to make on several occasions and largely failed.

The Japanese understand that Godzilla is a giant laser beam emitting monster from the depths of the Pacific Ocean and does not need a hug. No really, he doesn't. He is not a misunderstood being that just needs to know what love is. No, he's a mountainous creature that has extremely destructive tendencies and it is that aspect of this character that Godzilla the game embraces without a hint of shame or potential risk of retribution. With that cleared up, on with the explosions and fighting giant three headed dragons!

I freely admit to being largely ignorant of the existence the Godzilla game until I sat myself in front of it. I found myself controlling a very large lizard-like creature who could vomit laser beams from its mouth at buildings, armies and other monsters in downtown Tokyo. He moves somewhat like a tank, with the player having to rotate him and then point him in the direction of travel. This felt oddly fitting as he is extremely large and destructive, much like a tank, while being terribly slow and ponderous, again very much like a tank.

The screen of Godzilla is mostly filled with the main protagonist destroying everything in sight, as well as killing other monsters that attempt to put an end to the kaiju's rampage (for reasons best known to themselves).

I took on two beasts, King Ghidoriah and Space Godzilla. For those of you who aren't familiar with the mythos behind Godzilla, King Ghidorah is a three-headed dragon with no arms, but very large wings. Space Godzilla is a clone of the original Godzilla who is quite deformed from the original genetic material to the point where he cannot run at all. He can, however, fly. That makes him a teeny bit more manoeuvrable.

My clashes with both of these creatures were very satisfying as Godzilla does a great job of sensory feedback, to the point where every impact the towering beast Godzilla inflicts feels as if it actually delivers. While making a simulation of a mountainous creature seems utterly absurd, that's exactly what Godzilla is! I found it to be terrific fun and almost equated it to being a update to the old arcade game Rampage, only much more entertaining.

The presentation of Godzilla is all very much styled on the original Japanese movies of old, which I was somewhat relieved by. I don't think there is any space for the po-faced, soul-searching Godzilla that Hollywood seems so determined to turn that creature into. It is a giant laser beam emitting lizard for pity's sake, it does-not-need-a-freaking-hug!

I contend that it is largely thanks to the embracing of the ludicrousness of the Godzilla films of old by the developers that Godzilla is shaping up to be something that will distract many upon its release on 12th July 2015.

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