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Oh, Besiege, let me count the ways in which you turn me in to a medieval Machiavellian mass murderer!

Let's reverse for a second, Besiege is an Early Access game on Steam (at time of writing it sits on a 0.0.3 version number) that gives you a scenario - destroy this, get here, deliver this... kill all of the sheep - and tasks you with building a medieval murdering machine to accomplish it.

A simple-sounding premise... that is, until you get comfortable with experimenting and then your inner psychopath will come out.

My favourite creation to date is a semi-accurate historically-designed trebuchet... That also happens to have thirty (30!) cannons mounted along the bracings that stop the device from falling apart during normal operation. The only drawback is that the force of firing that many cannons at once tears the machine to shreds.

Whilst making a successful machine is gratifying, the outright insanity that ensues when a complex machine fails and implodes under its own stresses is so much more satisfying.

My stomach still hurts from watching a failed flying machine tear itself apart in glorious slow motion (there is a speed slider that is both good for aesthetic and practical purposes) and descending in to peals of laughter as the machine continued to destroy everything in the level despite its own implosion.

There are tiny soldiers, who move as if they are toys being played with by an invisible child, that explode in a gory rain of cartoonish blood. Everything has a stylised, cartoony look that lends itself well to the overall visual style that the developers at Spiderling Studios have laid out for this gem.

Currently the Early Access build is 4.99 on Steam and, even though there is a lot still to do before a full release happens, what there already is in the game is enough to warrant that price. What is there is polished and works marvellously, with very few bugs during my short time with the build. I look forward to future updates and whatever tweaks the developers have planned.


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