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People come to SPOnG's game database for all manner or reasons; buying advice, age suitability, foraging for pics, videos or info or good old retro reminiscing. Here's a snapshot of the top five most visited games this past week.

#5 Ben 10: Omniverse (DS/DSi)
This is one game that never gets old - well, at least for visitors to the game database. The nipper's Cartoon Network favourite, published by D3, has been a regular fixture in the top 20 over the last month, poking its face into the top five a couple times during that time. Released in 2012, the Old Folks will be able to pick it up for a snap, which is super bargain if it keeps the whining youngling at bay for a few hours. Note that "12+" PEGI rating though, you Old Folks!

Anticipation is growing for this turn-based RPG set in the Warhammer universe. The promise of leading warbands into bloody and lethal skirmishes across the four corners of the City of the Damned - plus a delivery of new artwork and screens late last week - see it climb into the top five most viewed games here on SPOnG.

While little Timmy's getting his Ben 10 on, Sally's playing with the fairies - right? Nothing like moulding the kids to fit the gender stereotypes!
While despatching monsters with fairy dust seems so much more wholesome, young Sally (or Timmy) will to wait, as this isn't schedule to land until October this year. (note - we've had word that this game might be renamed "Winx Club: Mission Alfea")

#2 Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
Last week's batch of screens showing the VeeDub camper, Berlinette & classic Jeep seems to have stoked some desires, as the forthcoming Xbox One racer breaches the top five. It's cetainly looking tasty, but is it enough to win favour for the One?

Dreaming of an idyllic summer holiday? Waves rolling gently onto the shore of your desert island? Seems a lot of you are, because this six year old game from EA has exploded from outside of the top 20 viewed games to land at the top spot this week.

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