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Ghosts follows a similar method, and weíll talk perks first. As standard, you have eight perk points. Perks each have a point rating from one-five, and youíre free to distribute your perk points as you wish. Essentially what this means, is that you could have eight one-point perks, one five-point perk and a three-point perk or any other combination you choose.

Interestingly though, you can choose to throw out your secondary weapon and equipment if you feel like 8 perk points isnít enough. Doing this will reward you with 11 perk points, which again youíre free to distribute as you please.

As for weapons, attachments, equipment and kill streaks, you unlock squad points as you level up and complete challenges. New weapons/attachments/equipment/kill streaks cost squad points, so rather than unlocking them as you level up, you can choose what you want and purchase it when youíve earned the correct amount of points.

Itís a very interesting system, although a little confusing when you first start to use it. I personally think itís much better than the old way, and gives you plenty of control over how you play.

In Ghosts multiplayer, we have all the old favourites such as Team Deathmatch and Domination, but on top of that, we also have a couple of new entries; Extinction and Squads mode.

Now, Iím going to go ahead and assume youíve all played some form of Nazi zombies on one of the Treyarch entries to the series. Am I right? Of course I am. Well, Extinction follows a similar path. AlienÖ thingsÖ are attacking, and you (and up to 3 other players) have to make your way around a map destroying their hives.

Itís not quite that simple though. See, these aliens get thicker and stronger the further you progress. Lucky for you though, you earn points from kills which can then be spent on supplies, new weapons and other power-ups.

Around the map, youíll find little piles of rubble or lockboxes that youíre able to search. Doing so will often reward you with an extra $200, some ammo, or even a weapon attachment to help you repel the alien hordes.

At the minute, I havenít had very much time with Extinction, but from what I have played, itís rapidly-paced fun and Iím definitely looking forward to putting some real time into it.

As for Squads mode, itís your job to build a team of 10 soldiers, and outfit them in the same way as the competitive multiplayer mode (perks, equipment, weapons etc).

Youíll take control of one member of the squad, and the AI will control the rest. Once youíre happy with your team, itís time to jump into one of the game modes, whether that be a one-on-one against another player and his squad, or a Survival game in which you have to control points on the map as youíre bombarded by wave after wave of infected AI enemies.

Squads has a nice variation in its game modes and offers a less stressful alternative to the competitive online multiplayer. Players that are new to the series will definitely benefit from putting a few hours into squad games before heading online. As for CoD veterans, theyíll either love the mode as a casual alternative to online multiplayer, or theyíll think itís a complete waste of time.

Overall, I think that Ghosts has one of the strongest CoD campaigns to date, the customisation for the competitive multiplayer is great, although fairly confusing to start with, and squads mode offers new players a nice alternative to the stressful competitive multiplayer. As for extinction, Iím really looking forward to rounding up three mates and spending a night (or several) destroying alien hives.

+ Empathetic feel to campaign with a much better storyline
+ Customisation is much more immersive
+ Extinction mode has potential to be great fun

- Class customisation can be very confusing to start with
- Still no customisation on campaign
- Campaign isnít massively different from previous entries

SPOnG Score: 4/5
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dat nigga 8 Nov 2013 16:58
gawd dayum, get dese mother f**kin snakes off this mother f**kin plane yall
Tommax 27 Nov 2013 00:01
What's so amazing about ghosts anyway it's no different than any other entry's in the franchise. Not like COD is unique anyway.
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