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Other missions werenít as successful. In one I got over-confident when tackling a bridge building exercise. My squad were busy putting the last pieces together when the countdown started. I thought I had enough time to get them all back safe and sound but, alas, many didn't make it.

Boy, does this game rub it in when your actions kill off the Pikmin. As you safely leave the planet on your space ship youíre treated to a cutscene of the cute little aliens being massacred by huge frogs. This is followed by a graph of how many Pikmin survived during the day that suddenly plummets at the end.

The guilt sets in and you feel terrible. Thankfully the game gives you an out. You can travel back as many days as you want, forfeiting your progress to that point. As a gamer who constantly thinks heís doing wrong, this option was a godsend.

E3 2012
E3 2012
If you chose to play this game without going all Marty McFly then youíll struggle to finish it in one sitting. Youíll have the satisfaction of rebuilding and correcting your imperfections, though. Itís down to personal preference, and itís nice to cater to perfectionists and those who like the challenge of righting wrongs in the same way.

Controlling the game is as simple as it can be. Instead of controlling the astronauts themselves, you move a target curser that is sort of tied to them. It takes some time to get used to if youíre new to the series and can become a little awkward when avoiding boss attacks but for the most part itís pretty straight forward.

Boss attacks become a little more manageable as you open up new control options like the group roll. A quick left or right tap of the d-pad controls all Pikmin as they dive out of attacks.

You can lock onto enemies with ZL. You control Pikmin with ZR and chuck them or your fellow explorers with A, or you can order a group charge with B. The gamepad doesnít add too much to the experience. Itís nice to play with one when you can, with communication and data files displayed between your hands. Most noticeably it offers a replay of your day while the main screen shows off some load-hiding cutscenes, but itís far from essential and the game can be played with the pro controller or Wiimote.

The advantage of the lack of full use of the Gamepad is that the full game can be played on the handheld screen, just like in those adverts that were taken down. Although the visuals suffer slightly, itís a small price to pay if you want to finish off a day in bed.

As the story progresses at the pace that you dictate, the main characters begin to open up. Alph is instantly loveable. Heís someone who is inexperienced, but optimistic and consistently excited. Heís the most Ďhumaní of the characters. He worries for his fellow crew, and the planet heís invading.

His personality opens up most at the end of the day, when the entries to his diary can be read. It's full of his inner thoughts and fears, and he becomes even more endearing as the game goes on.

Britanny also has a lot going for her. Sheís focused on the main mission of collecting supplies for her home planet. The Pikmin are even more of a commodity to her than they are to you as a player. But beneath the thick exterior is a likeable character. She reminds me of Roz, the supervisor in Monsters Inc, but with a slightly softer heart.

Then there is Captain Charlie. Heís probably my least favourite of the playable characters, but only adds to the love I have for Alph who constantly looks up to him no matter how much of a bumbling fool he can be.

The Pikmin themselves are as adorable as weapons can be. They grow when eating nectar, making them speed up when following you about their planet. They also collect power ups to send them into a frenzy at the tap of a d-pad. The new Pikmin introduced are fantastic editions.

Rock Pikmin are the strongest of the little fellas. They can break glass, ice and crystals as well as breaking enemy shells. Theyíre also immune to crushing attacks so theyíre always handy to have around.

Winged Pikmin are able to hover. This makes retrieving fruit a lot easier as they can avoid most enemies and fly over water. Despite their helpfulness, they arenít as useful and itíll take a while of gameplay before you even meet them.
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Nick 23 Jul 2013 16:22
Can't wait to play it, sounds like a unique experience. Great review David. Keep up the good work.
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