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Dave is 28. Despite professing to love Nintendo like something that he loves like his own mother, until 11 days ago Dave was an Animal Crossing virgin. But this is no longer the case. Dave, AKA Gregg, has now been in the picturesque town of 'The Hood' for 11 days, and now here are his diaries for days six to 11.

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Day 6

Today my real time work got in the way of my game time. My biggest complaint about Animal Crossing New Leaf regards the time restraints. By the time I was able to boot the game up all of the shops were closed and I went into it thinking that there?s not much I could do for poor Gregg.

So I was pleasantly surprised when Isabelle informed me that my town approval rating was finally up to 100% and that my Development Permit was now being processed. Maybe the town appreciate it when I just fuck off for a bit.

I decided Gregg would probably benefit with a brief stroll around The Hood to see if anyone was still up. A few were.

Firstly I spoke to my home boy Rasher. We spoke briefly and I was a little disheartened when he didn?t mention my letter or the beer that I suggested.

I can only assume that he hadn?t received it yet, despited only living a 40 second walk from the post office. Surely the postal service can?t be any worse than the royal mail, can it?

What if he?d received my letter and decided to ignore it. We?ve all done that, haven?t we? Usually with bills and stuff.

I then came across a new plot of land reserved for someone called ?Paula?. Now, I don?t know about you but I like that name. It screams sex appeal. Maybe Gegg didn?t have to settle for Isobel after all.

My last event of the day came from talking to Saharah. He was offering wallpaper. With a pocket full of change (Along with some fossils, fish and other shit Gregg found on the ground) I decided that a make over wasn?t such a bad Idea, so I took him up on the offer.

What happened after was basically a really shit edition of Changing Rooms. He followed me to my house, told me to leave, fucked up the interior and then left. Changing Rooms were only good for one thing, and that was when the home owner cried or tried to smash all the cheap MDF up with a sledgehammer.

This wasn?t to be. I liked what the dodgy fucker had done to the place. 3,000 bells well spent and I had the feeling that things were starting to come together for Gregg.

Day 7

What a difference a day makes!

I?m not sure if my town read my diary. Even if they don?t I?m pretty convinced Isabelle does.

Hi Isabelle. Sorry about all the attention I?ve been paying other girls in the town. Turns out Paula was not the sort of girl Gregg was hoping for, so if you are reading, you?re still in with a shout.

The reason I assumed she?s a reader Is because it was only yesterday that I was complaining about The Hood?s time schedules not matching those of my personal life, and the fact that I had a complete lack of goals to achieve.

The moment I logged back in, everything was put right.

My developers permit had arrived and I could now make some serious changes to my town, one of which would completely help change the way that I played.

Isabelle explained that I could now partake in Public Works Projects and Ordinances. PWPs would see me developing the town into more than just a profit while Ordinances would let me change the laws of The Hood.

I immediately set out to change the laws of the town. The Hood is now a Night Owl town. Shops open late. People are encouraged to socialise at night. This was perfect!

No longer would my gaming time before bed seem like a missed opportunity. I?m genuinely excited to see how this changes things once the paperwork is finished tomorrow.

As for PWPs everything on offer was slightly out of my price range, but that didn?t matter. I now had goals and over the next week I?ll be trying to hit as many of them as possible. The Hood will soon become a great town.

I visited Keaton?s house and he asked me to deliver a package to Mathilda before the end of the day. Keaton seems like a nice enough bloke so Gregg told him he?d have it delivered by the end of the day.

As Gregg wondered over to Mathilda?s place I couldn?t help but think about what was in the box. I mean it could be something really disappointing like an apple or something. But what if it wasn?t? What if it was something really cool like a DVD or an album?

Gregg stopped for moment and probably asked himself the same question that every postman has at some point in their career. ?Would this be noticed if it went missing??

I opened up Gregg?s inventory and clicked on the package. I was given two options ?Open? and ?Cancel?. I hesitated. If Gregg crossed this line, where would it end? Would the towns people stick me in a wicker man if they found out?

I wasn?t prepared to take that chance at this point. So I delivered the package and was gutted to find out that in the box was a brand new Blazer.

Just think how sophisticated Gregg would look all smarted up in a Blazer. The townsfolk would have to sit up and take notice of him then. But alas, it wasn?t to be.

Or so I thought. Turns out Mathilda ordered two, the silly sod and offered me the one I had delivered at a reasonable price. I snapped it up and immediately wore it.

Gregg now looks like a fucking boss.

Day 8

An apology is needed today. ?Real Life? got in the way of my visit to The Hood.

It was my work summer party and although it was a fun evening, engaging in small chat with my coworkers I couldn?t help notice that none of them were animals. I mean one of them looks a bit like a bear but none of them whistled my town tune whenever I said ?Hello?.

They also didn?t respect me as much as my town?s residents. I felt that the people of The Hood looked up to Gregg and myself. They didn?t know me, sure but they couldn?t believe that all that genius would be coming from one character.

No. And today, after coming home steaming drunk I laid down in my bed and just as my eyes were closing, I couldn?t help but think that I had let them down.

Day 9

I managed to get some game time today and was delighted to see my night-life based town was in full effect. The shops were open despite me starting the game at 11pm so I set about fishing, digging and selling items.

I?ll tell you this. I?m finding Animal Crossing incredibly relaxing. It?s partly due to the freedom it gives you to just wonder about and talk to neighbours, but it?s also partly down to the music.

Nintendo have a way with music. They always have. I bet you can?t read ?Da da da, da da da! boom? without thinking of the Mario theme tune. OK, maybe you can but music from Nintendo games have a way of just imprinting themselves into your mind.

This isn?t the case with Animal Crossing. Instead it?s filled with background music that sets your brain to a state of bliss unawareness. Gone are my thoughts about my fuck ups at work. Extinct are my worried about what my wife would think about me leaving the washing up until the next day.

I feel like a different person while playing Animal Cross. I feel like someone whose only responsibility is to make the most happy people in the world, a little more happy. I feel important but without the pressure. I feel... Like Gregg.

Then when I close my 3DS, I look down at my feet, notice that I?m not wearing shit red shoes and feel a little upset.

In my travels today I stumbled across a tent that I hadn?t seen before. Inside was a art dealer and incidentally the first character that I didn?t like.

His name is Redd and he?s a right pushy prick. Have you ever been on holiday, walked down a high street and seen those shop keepers standing outside ushering you in? Then when you walk in like the stupid British tourist you are he follows you around up-selling every peace of shit he?s got in there?

Redd is that guy.

He sells art. Terrible art. He tried to convince you that it?s good but it?s not. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my eyes are full of shit.

Yet there?s no doubt that he?s good at what he does. I almost bought one of hist statues today. I think the moment he said that this was a one off deal that I started considering but I stopped and held myself together. Totally to spite Redd.

Fuck that guy.

Day 10

Today I went to Wilkos. My wife asked me to pick up some bin liners. As I was walking around the store I saw a watering can and literally my first thought was that I need one of those for The Hood.

I?ve always said that a good game makes you think of it when you?re going about your day to day life. Animal Crossing is a good game. It reminded me of those times when you?ve just finished a long Tony Hawks session and all you?d be looking for are things you could grind on.

As soon as I got back I loaded up the game a decided to develop the town a little bit. But while I was heading over to the Mayors office I thought I?d check in with the worst businessman in the world ?Nook?.

He informed me that I had to pay off the rest of my house, but said he?d loan me the money for now as long as I paid it off... whenever I wanted.

What kind of business is Nook running here? I mean I owe the man literally thousands of bells and he?s blasť about getting his money back. Maybe his company is a front for something more sinister. I did wonder why everyone in the town was so happy.

I?m pretty sure Nook is a drug dealer, and I?ll be keeping an eye on him.

Regardless of his good will, I decided to pay up in full straight away. It felt good and even the grumpy old bird in the post office stood up to clap. I wish that happened in HSBC. A round of applause whenever you pay something off would make my banking experience a lot more fun.

I then decided to expand my house. Nook told me that it would take about a day to complete an that it would cost 90k bells.

I?ll be honest, I can?t see him getting that money back for a while.

Day 11

Today was an odd day.

I awoke to an old man standing outside Gregg?s newly renovated house. He introduced himself as that previous Mayor of The Hood.

Mayor of what? No one was living in the shit hole before I turned up. Half of the shops were selling shit no one wanted, Everywhere closed at 8pm and the museum had fuck all in it.

?I like to check on the old place from time to time? he said. Yeah? Well look at the place now!

The best thing that happened to The Hood was you leaving, and if you don?t get away from my house I?ll call the police.

After a spot of fishing I went to see if a TV was being sold. Low and behold the recycling shop was selling a flat screen. I picked it up immediately, despite not even considering if my house had electricity or not.

Once unpacked I sorted out my house. Most places I?d seen on forums and twitter were cluttered with all sorts of shit. Not me. Mine was neat and well laid out.

I?ll be honest, I?m quite proud of my house.

The only other note worthy event from the day came in the form of a note board message.

I knew I shouldn?t have let James visit my town.

This means war.

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