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Sunglasses are traditionally ?cool?. Greggs weren?t. He looked like a pop star who hasn?t quite made it. Someone who couldn?t afford decent glasses so he took the ones on offer. He also looks a little like a blind man.

Gregg then visited Reese to see if he could add to the already red hot sexual chemistry when he noticed someone sleeping in the corner of the room. He went over to say hello when all of a sudden Reese went mental.

Turns out it was her husband. Gregg was gutted. But it?s not over, tomorrow he will send a letter. Tomorrow she will realise that she?s made a terrible mistake and that Gregg his her man.

Day 5

Today I was told that someone new had moved into The Hood. Gregg headed straight to their home to make it clear that we don?t like strangers around these parts.

But unfortunately, ?Stitches? was asleep.

I?m starting to worry that my job might get in the way of my gaming. Most of the stuff I want to do are during work hours. I can?t bring myself to take my 3DS to work with me. I mean, I can't... can I?

No. Not yet anyway.

I sat down to write Gregg?s letter to Reese, but was shocked to see that I wasn?t able to send her a letter. I instead decided to send one to Rasher.

Rasher was the kind of bloke/pig that I knew I?d get on with. He seemed like a bit of a geeza so I decided I was going to ask him if he wanted to go for a beer.

?Alright mate?

'Fancy going for a beer this week, it?s been a bit of a pisser?


Rasher seemed like the sort of bloke who would give Gregg a cool nickname like that.

Once done, I was feeling a little lonely so I messaged my mate James (Farlong) to see if he wanted to visit my town and within moments, he was there.

As with all new people, I wanted to welcome him with open arms but also let them know that I was in charge and I wouldn?t take any nonsense.

James looked like a right tit in that mask and soon took it off, walked around my town and began to be all judgmental. He pointed out how basic it was and how much stuff he had in his town that I didn?t.

I wasn?t having fun.

After a few moments looking around, James made his way to my house. This is where I found out that my good friend James was a homosexual gentleman.

Within seconds, he was in my bed glancing over at me with his ?come-to-bed? eyes. I made my intentions very clear. Gregg?s not homophobic, it?s just that he didn?t want to lead James on by giving him the wrong impression.

James had decided he?d had enough of The Hood and wanted to show off. So he invited me to his town ?Redmire? after leaving me baskets of fruit as a gift.

We hopped on the train and it only took him a few minutes before he was trying to get Gregg into the local gay bar.

There was only us and one other guy in the place. I?m guessing it doesn?t start getting busy until the early hours. Not a keen dancer, Gregg decided to do what I always do in nightclubs. Avoid any sort of human contact by sitting on the side and just watching.

I visited his equally bare museum, followed by an island where we went deep sea diving. Although Gregg wasn?t sexually interested in James, he has to admit that this was a pretty fantastic first date, so he decided to leave a gift for him by way of thanks.

He didn?t have anything to offer, but that wouldn?t stop him, so Gregg decided to give him the gift of holes.

I hope he enjoys it.
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