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Battlefield 3 did its job. The return of the much-loved DICE shooter allowed Electronic Arts to take some of the spotlight away from Activision?s Modern Warfare 3, and gave war-obsessed ?power gamers? another reason to exist in this crazy, crazy world. By and large though, it was DICE?s most intense and explosive work to date - work that is now being expanded on by the introduction of some new DLC packages.

The first of three planned expansions for 2012 is Close Quarters, an infantry-only add-on that focuses on fast-paced multiplayer action. DICE, best known for its majestic online multiplayer design, gets to flex its creative muscles here as it focuses on small maps, intimate combat and a ?keep moving or you?re dead? philosophy.

Basically, it?s treading on Call of Duty territory. Many of Battlefield?s multiplayer charm in design comes from massive, wide open spaces and tempered, tactical combat. This time around, as the name ?Close Quarters? suggests, things get claustrophobic and you will need to keep your wits about you in order to survive and succeed. The result of DICE?s approach to things is a much faster-paced, explosive experience than what you can find in the average Modern Warfare map, though.

This is detailed aptly in the DLC map, Donya Fortress - a cramped location that?s split into several distinctive areas, each with their own quirks and opportunities for strategy. In my quick playthrough, I noticed three particular zones of note. An indoor section with 90-degree corners and narrow corridors allows for the perfect face-off with little means of evasion or escape.

The underground area is much more spacious, but that?s countered by a lack of natural light, with your eyes flitting about as they catch zaps of enemy gunfire whizzing about. In both the indoor area and the underground section (separated by a massive exploded hole in the ground) there's a hell of a lot of destructible scenery around that is guaranteed to be blown up in your face. Usually from the slightest scrape of a bullet or blam of a grenade. And when things get blown up in Close Quarters, you really know about it.

The most dangerous section of the map, though? The outdoor courtyard. Another small space, for sure, but completely open-air with a balcony level for multi-level combat. If you?re caught running around in this area, your only safe refuge from enemies above is a little gazebo-style area in the centre of the garden piece. Storming ahead and taking control of the stairs to the top balcony should be a top priority.

On top of this, DICE has fused two existing Battlefield 3 modes together to come up with the hybrid Conquest Domination type. This combines rules from both sides, with a few compromises to take advantage of the smaller space - there are no ?home? bases to spawn from, there are only three flags in the map to control and players will not spawn on top of controlled flags.

It keeps the action fast and furious - and the location of some of these flags really take the piss at times as another result. In the courtyard, for example, the zone in which you must remain to control the flag sits just outside the safe haven of the area?s centre. You have to step right out of cover and gnash your teeth as you check all around you for incoming enemies from above and below. One of those times where teamwork and backup is ultimately required for victory.

Close Quarters will be released in June on PlayStation Network, PC and Xbox Live Marketplace. PS3 owners will get it a week early. Get excited.
Games: Battlefield 3

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