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It might have been because we were both tired, yet jazzed about the countdown to the midnight launch of Gears of War 3. Or it might have been our surroundings. Either way, Carlos Ferro - the voice of Dominic Santiago - and I have been joking and giggling for most of the evening.

ďThis is a very interesting interview,Ē Carlos chuckles as we attempt to conduct an interview in the stockroom of a busy GAME store on Londonís Oxford Street. After almost every sentence the sound of shuffling boxes and excited staff interrupts the voice actor and brings a massive smile to his face. ďWeíre doing an interview at Waterloo Station apparently,Ē he jokes.

Obligatory ĎMind the Gapí jokes aside, itís clear to see that Carlos is really happy to be in the UK. He spoke of how he lobbied for a long time to represent Epic and Gears of War 3 at the blockbusterís official launch in the country, and that meeting fellow fans is one of the most important things for him.

He uses the term Ďfellow faní because, despite being the voice behind one of the most popular characters in the action series, he counts himself as a hardcore fan. After spending a long time working the queues outside the store, he came back in to have a quick chat before officially kicking off the gameís launch and getting stuck into a meet and greet. This is what he had to say.

SPOnG: How emotional has it been to perform as Dominic Santiago in Delta Squad's final adventure?

Carlos Ferro: You know, I would say the knee-jerk reaction would be that itís bittersweet. A little bit sad, and all that. But Iím not there yet, because Iím a fan. I wanna play the game, get through the campaign and four-play co-op. I wanna play Horde 2.0 for months. Iím a fan of the franchise. If I wasnít Dom, Iíd still be playing the game and Iíd want a resolution to the story.

So... Iím not there yet. Itís probably going to sink in once Iíve finished the campaign and have played Beast and Horde for the millionth time, that Iím not telling these stories anymore. But, you know, Cliff Bleszinski said that itís a big universe. Thereís a lot of stories to be told in the Gears of War franchise. This is the end of Delta Squadís story, but I get excited about the possibilities of whateverís coming next. And Iím really happy and proud to be a part of it when I was.

SPOnG: And Karen Travissí story here is perhaps the most emotional out of all the Gears of War games. Did you feel that when picking up the script?

Carlos Ferro: Yeah, and I welcome it. I welcome her attachment to the drama. Itís not ĎVideo Game Liteí. Itís really for people who want a reality-based story in that itís emotional and takes place with real people. Karen Traviss did a great job with continuity, with making everything real and connected, and not cheat the fans that pay attention to the books and the comics. Sheís writing the comic now, actually.

I think itís a real testament to Epic and Microsoft to want to put together such an expansive universe thatís really interesting and still makes you want to go and chainsaw Locust.

SPOnG: Tell us about how you feel Dom has evolved as a character between the events that took place in Gears of War 2 and 3. He was looking for his wife in Gears 2 --

Carlos Ferro: That didnít work out so well.

SPOnG: That didnít really work out, no. She was a bit crisp. Now it seems everything is a little bit more melancholy with him, heís taking it a little more slowly and heís matured a lot, heís looking after plants... How would you say his evolution as a character has gone?

Carlos Ferro: I like to think that Dom - at least the way I play Dom - is the emotional centre of the game. For those people that care, that donít just want to chainsaw fools, thereís a story to follow and I think that itís... Iím very proud of what I brought to it, because he means a lot to me. Iíve been with the guy for six years.

And I will say this - heís not just tending plants. Heís actually making sure that humanity on that vessel eat. That people stay fed... Iíve said this loads of times, heís not just looking after his family or his friend Marcus - at this point, heís looking after humanity. This is it.

After Jacinto fell, itís not been about squads anymore, itís about the species. I think he grounds the story in reality, that it wouldnít be pleasant. It wouldnít be as fun as it us for us to play, to be in that situation. Itís been really cool to have somewhere to go and not just start looking for someone else or something (laughs).

SPOnG: Youíre a voice actor for many other games, such as Leonardo da Vinci in Assassinís Creed II. But you were originally a DJ, right?

Carlos Ferro: Yeah! In fact, I still DJ every now and then under the moniker ĎThe Domfather.í I did a big party at PAX East, and I DJ whenever things fall into place perfectly if Iím on the road... itís not really touring because with the acting work I canít just go tour like a band. But itís nice to spin my trance for gamers and for people that like dance music and video games.

My universes have kind of converged. I was a DJ paying my way through grad school, and I thought that I had pretty much given that up - that it was just a hobby at this point. And with all thatís happened, people wanted to hear me spin at private parties for the companies and things, and now Iíve done a couple of big conventions in Hartford, Connecticut and New York Comic Con. Thereís some big events that The Domfatherís spinning the trance at, so I think itís a bit strange for some people.

SPOnG: Whatís been the most memorable moment for you as Dominic Santiago?

Carlos Ferro: Mariaís scene, easily. I like to think it changed how storytelling goes down in video games. I think that there hadnít been anything like that before, and it wasnít really deliberate. I was just trying to do the best job I could... but it was really great to have support from Epic and Microsoft to allow me to go there, because the scene could have been done Ďlight.í It was really rewarding to have a feature film moment in a game I care so much about. Without a doubt, that stands out - the Number 1 Dom Moment for me.

SPOnG: Really great to chat to you Carlos, thanks.

Carlos Ferro: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Gears of War 3 is available now.

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