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It's a layout that finds gamers making it to the credits in just a couple of hours, but leaves them wanting to play through again and again. Each stage can be played countless times without feeling dull and you have a sense of freedom that shouldn't be felt when playing an 'On Rails' space shooter.

One thing that did surprise me was that despite there being over 14 years of character development improvements within our beloved medium, I still care about these characters as much as I did the first time round. They all still have very little to say, but watching a crew members move as they talk to you from their cockpit is extremely effective.

I fell back into old habits of rolling my eyes at Slippy and wondering how he ever got through training while firing a single shot at Falco after his bad attitude spilled onto the intercom. With all the bickering going on you really do feel part of the team and start to care about keeping your fellow pilots alive.

The only negative with sticking so close to the original is that you bring its flaws along with you. The tank levels are still as slow-paced and boring as they were back in the N64 days and Andros is still a cheating little shit.

Something Missing
The 3DS version includes the rather overlooked multiplayer battle game. It might get a bit samey after a while but a four-player battle (available over download play) can be incredibly fun and, when played with others of the same skill level, quite technical. You're also able to play these modes against computer bots, which may not be much fun but does give you a chance to try out some new manoeuvres and hone your dog-fighting skills.

There is something missing though: Nintendo just doesn't seem to care about online play and when a little multiplayer game like this doesn't have online features, it just makes you question whether we'll ever see Nintendo join the online world properly. It's just frustrating to scroll through the menu and see no option, despite knowing full well that the 3DS could handle it.

Challenges are back and we're treated to some new ones alongside every challenge that was in the N64 version, although I never really enjoyed the challenges as such as I was too busy trying to constantly beat my own scores in the campaign mode.

It's hard to stay mad at Nintendo for its lack of new titles on the 3DS when their remakes of the old ones are just so damn good. Star Fox 64 3D plays better than the original did, and looks much better too even without considering the console's unique selling point.

Despite the obvious gaps in the package, it's a solid game. It?s one that wants to be played but cries out to be perfected. If you've not played this before, then go out and get it. If you have then treat yourself to a rose tinted trip down memory lane, ?Good Luck!?

SPOnG Score: 87%
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Games: Starfox 64

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