First Looks// E3 The Games: Saints Row: The Third

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Games: Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row: The Third
Formats: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Release Date: 15 November 2011
Publisher: THQ

The Saints Row games have had a reputation of being utterly ridiculous. Their premise is to take the concept of a sandbox game and push the boundaries of 'do what ever you want to do' as much as possible, without breaking the game itself.

Saints Row: The Third takes on this concept and does its very best to push it even further than in previous games. The player takes on the role of leader of a gang known as the Third Street Saints in the city of Steelport. They are celebrated by the population of the city, even after the player runs them over in a tank.

The developers have been busy adding items to the game that make it just a little bit more comical, in a very base slap stick kind of way. Those seeking subtle satire need not apply here, as sucking people up with a human vacuum and firing them off with a cannon into the side of a building is the order of the day. Why would one do this?

Because you can. And that is exactly why the Saints Row games are so popular. They do not for a second take themselves seriously and revel in that fact. This third game in the series certainly does that with what was shown behind closed doors. And from what was shown, it can be seen why they chose to do so!
Games: Saints Row: The Third

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