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Games: Metro: Last Light
Metro Last Light
Formats: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and WiiU
Release Date: 2012
Publisher: THQ

The game takes place very soon after the end of Metro 2033. The world is beginning to heal after the nuclear war that left the surface uninhabitable. Monstrous mutants roam the world and over time have become even more dominant and in turn aggressive.

Beneath the surface are the Metro tunnels, the sole protection against the raining bombs from the war. One would think that the inhabitants would be more intent on survival than attacking one another, but you'd be wrong.

A new extremist movement has spread throughout the Metro system and its fascist ideals are not at all welcome to many. It is at this point the game's protagonist comes in as a resistance fighter against this new regime.

From watching the demo it appears the developers have gone to town with lighting effects and destructible scenery. So much so that lighting plays an even more important role when attempting to sneak past enemies.

Lights can be removed/shot out and thus plunge the immediate area into darkness. This mechanic was first explored in Thief and is expanded even further in Metro Last Light.

Destructible environments aid an element of realism to the game, with cover being blown away by machine gun fire, making the pop-shoot-repeat tactic a little redundant.

It's an indication of where this new game is heading, as the developers agree that the first was a flawed gem that needed more attention to the things that did not work too well on it and using this new game to build on the things that did. It's certainly one to watch for next year.
Games: Metro: Last Light

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