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SPOnG: Is that something you?re considering in your projects going forward, such as user-generated content, which is naturally going to be nurtured well after the game?s release? Do you have any plans to do some sort of community calendar of events, like Media Molecule has for example, to help spur along that lively authorship?

Brian Fleming: I think we have a lot to learn. We have a full-time person who?s going to be involved in community support, in whatever way that works out. We will spend time with Media Molecule talking to them about what they?ve done.

We?ve spent time with Naughty Dog about how they nurture their community, and we?re going to have to figure out what works for us. We believe very strongly that we need to continue to offer support and feature work that is designed to make recognition or other things inside the community possible.

How do we run an event? ? I don?t even know what that means, but those are things that we?re looking into. We?re humbled about the fact that we have a tonne to learn about how to do this well, so we?re fortunate in that there are good people in the Sony family who have done similar things before.

We can talk to and learn from them, but at the end of the day what we?re doing is kind of different - the integration into the single-player is very different, the type of missions people are going to build are different? so we?ll see.

It is a major area of focus for us to keep involved with the community, which is different for us - for inFAMOUS 1, we didn?t work hard to go out and create that sense of community. For this game, we are absolutely paying attention to that.

SPOnG: Thank you very much for your time.

Brian Fleming: Thank you!

inFAMOUS 2 will be flying towards the PS3 on the 10th June 2011.
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