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Games: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is getting a tonne of attention from an army of Warren Spector fans, and itís easy to see why. Itís been too long since weíve had anything resembling cyberpunk in games, and the gameís dirty, industrial, orange-tinted world feels incredibly fresh as a result.

More importantly for fans is the fact that this game is being developed without Spectorís involvement, raising questions as to whether Eidos Montreal will be able to maintain the essence of the Deus Ex series and not bugger it all up. I had a traipse through the first few hours of Adam Jensenís adventure, and can say that things are looking good on that front.

The story begins with an opening section which is equal parts interactive cutscene and gameplay tutorial. Set in scientific corporation Serif Industries, you play as Jensen before his mechanical augmentations - an ex-SWAT soldier now working for CEO David Serif as the companyís private security detail.

Dr. Megan Reed, a scientist who has made a breakthrough discovery in biomechanic technology (and Jensenís former love interest), is due to make a presentation in Washington and the idea is that you have to protect her. That all goes tits up as the building gets attacked by a collection of Lex Luthor-inspired beefcakes rocking hardcore mechanical augmentations. One of them takes the time to smack the crap out of Jensen and cap a bullet in his head. Generous.

Luckily, biotechnology saves his life, and after the intro credits you see Jensen returning to Serif Industries some six months after the incident. Hereís where the game really begins, with open conversations with NPCs allowing you to become as gruff or diplomatic in your approach as you like.

I ended up having an argument with Serifís tech guy, Francis Pritchard, after he talked smack about my competence. My Adam Jensen is a cold, bitter prick. Itís brilliant. Unfortunately you arenít able to rip up his Final Fantasy XXVII poster in anger afterwards - something for Eidos to consider.

After a quick snoop around the office, you realise why youíve been called back into work several months early - the head honcho himself wants you to take care of a hostage situation in which a pro-human activist group, Purity First, has snatched a prototype of mechanical augment suit, the Typhoon. During the helicopter ride to the building in question, youíre given the choice of using lethal or non-lethal force, along with a long or short-range weapon.

If you change your mind half-way through the mission, like I did, youíll find guns and ammunition lying around, but in sparse quantities. Indeed, a lot of your time will be spent sneaking around and taking out enemies, Solid Snake style - thereís a real emphasis on stealth and sabotage in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is a deliciously curious feeling for a first-person title.
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Games: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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DXHR 26 Mar 2011 03:25
Excited? How can we get excited when you've got nothing but spoilers and no warnings... Thanks buddy.
Walton Simons. 27 Mar 2011 04:29
Already pre-ordered a month ago, can't wait.
DrkStr 28 Mar 2011 13:25
@DXHR_ If you're spoiled by general info about the prologue and first level of a game like this, then don't go watching any movie trailers will you? They sometimes tell you about things in the last 95% of the film!
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