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A real Elise takes its input from an (admittedly fairly highly-geared) steering column, but the car in the game takes it from a tiny joystick, with around 3cm of movement. So even though it is "analog", movements are massively amplified to the point of being near digital. If the game engine does not accommodate for this, that would explain the car's most un-Elise like handling.

Other cars handle better, but none of them handle well. This is supposition of course, but it would provide a logical explanation of WHY the car handling is like it is, even if not an excuse for why it's so dry and uninspiring to play.

GT5 serves up races roughly split into three categories, Arcade Mode, Specials and Racing Series. Arcade mode should, one suspects, provide a noticeably different driving experience to the racing modes, offering more point-and-shoot fun for casual driving game fans. And I am sure it does. I mean, I am certain it must. But to be honest, it's not exactly obvious.

Clearly, all of my bad feelings about GT5 may just be down to them failing to include my car. 1,300 cars and they do not include the What Car Hot Hatch of the year, and generally best value drivers' car on the road - the Renault Sport Megane 250. It was in Forza 3, which came out before the car did. They have the Rover 25 GTi, and the Toyota Paseo but not RS250... says it all.

In Passing
In a "normal" world, a new GT game would monopolise my time for month to come, but with so much of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit left to play, I can't see myself going back to it after the review is written.

I don't like stating that GT5 is a turkey. A little piece of my youth dies when I even think it. But anyone who does not admit it, anyone who fears for the pulled ads and refused review copies and dare not stand up and state openly that this game is a steaming bird needs to come here, and as I said, I will fist fight them to the death.

In conclusion
By Tim Smith
As I said, because we've only touched on both online and off here, I'm not giving the overall game a score. That'll happen later today. Right now it's 03:46am on Wednesday 24th November.

The feeling around the office is one of sad resignation. It's the same feeling that occurred after Star Wars Episode I or Guns'n'Roses' Chinese Democracy, but worse.

There are so many good ideas in GT5. So many nods to what we wanted in damage, weather, car flipping, Top Gear, karting, community, but like that market stall bag of goodies, none of them seems to work properly. As a whole it's a flat experience.

Right now, if I were to score the game, it would be a 03:47am score having played the game since Saturday and online only tonight.

Later today, more Online, more specials, more track building, more RPG team management... and a score. And I ask the question: "Why is the racing line indicator so 1999?"... by the way, I turned it off. Night all, or rather... good morning readers!
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Si J 25 Nov 2010 09:21
Yes..... I am sad to agree. I have looked forward to this game for eons.... and dare I say it I am disappointed. A Sad Day.
CaptSkyRocket 25 Nov 2010 11:18
Sad Panda :-(

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CaptSkyRocket 25 Nov 2010 11:33
Maybe all the weekly updates will make it into a happy panda:
CaptSkyRocket 25 Nov 2010 11:38
Rats, you have to open the above "happy panda" image in a new tab/page to see it! It is worth it though :-). Totally safe for work (in case you were wondering).
I expected it as there were No pre release reviews allowed 25 Nov 2010 12:52
I pre ordered this but I didn't open it until I read the reviews and also saw a friend "Playing" it.
Thankfully I did as I have now sent it back for a refund.

Seems like the main delay must of been each release of Forza was upstaging what they had ready of GT5..
Rutabaga 1 Dec 2010 14:48
When is this review going to be finished? Talk about Pot / Kettle etc.
Trigger 9 Dec 2010 17:15
It's a great game. Sure it might be a little unfinished and I can see why certain people can't navigate the menu's etc but at the end of the day it gets the driving/physics bit spot on and for that reason I love it!
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