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As far as the gaming mechanics go, there is nothing new to see here. The game works exactly like Fallout 3. You're even given a RobCo PIP-BOY to find your way around. It just so happens that the doctor who fixed you up had one lying around and decided to give it to you. Sure, it had a few scuff marks on it - which I could only assume were the result of it being crowbarred into the game but it's just as handy to have as the last game.

VATS Entertainment
VATS is still an enjoyable system, but for some reason iron-sight shooting doesn't seem as effective this time round. In Fallout 3 I was using free-shooting as much as I was VATS, but in New Vegas I seemed to struggle to do any damage with my point-and-shoot style. I had to adjust my strategy this time round, and although using VATS is fun, it can slow the game down slightly with its bullet-time, uber-gore shots.

The thing that feels most like the previous game though is the exploring. Many described Fallout 3 as one of the most depressing games of all time. Miles and miles of ruins to explore. I personally loved that side of the game but after the many hours I put into it I was more reluctant to get travelling this time round. It felt as though I had done all this before.

That's my main issue with New Vegas. Because of the many hours I've put into Fallout 3, nothing ever feels new. It's very much a case of 'more of the same' which I understand will sound great to many, but to me it took the edge off. I never felt as though I was doing anything that I hadn't in the last game and when it comes to sequels I never see that as a good thing. Especially when at times it can feel more like you simply playing Fallout 3 for another 50 hours.

Graphically though, this does take a step forward, even if it is a baby step. The sky is beautiful during the day and the desert's a creepy blanket of disturbing shadows and lighting effects at night. Each town feels like it's based on the ruins of the old world, which gives the setting a whole new sinister twist. I was reminded of the pre-Apocalyptic world a lot more in New Vegas, and it's hard to stop your mind wondering to the tragedy that occurred while you traipse across the desolation of the desert.

It is still a game that can fit into the, 'You get out as much as you put in' category. You can see it through to the end in no time if you hop from quest to quest following your compass and only talking to the main characters in the game. Or you can spend your time with it. Playing it like an open world game will offer you more to do and give you far more reward than the main plot could ever offer. It's a game that cries out for your time, screams for your gaming hours and, if you stick with it, you'll feel as though it was worth every second.

One thing I have pondered about writing up in this review are the bugs that plague the game. Fallout New Vegas threads on various forums on the Net are filled with gamers complaining about crashes, lost quests and other weird glitches. The reason why I thought twice about mentioning this is simply because this game didn't offer me up a single problem. I'm not sure if it's because I'm playing off the disc as opposed to installing it, if it's because I'm using a new 360 slim or if I've simply got lucky, but I haven't had a single issue.

So, should you buy this game? Well, I suppose that's down to how you found Fallout 3. This is a game that doesn't want to fix something that it thinks isn't broken. Many hated the last game and will no doubt hate this one too. Some loved the last one but have faced enough nuclear depression for one generation. Others just crave for more vast land to explore.

For that last group of people, they will have no issue with this. There is more of everything that Fallout 3 had and despite Obsidian taking over, you never feel as though any quality has been lost. As for those who haven't played Fallout before, it is a little hard to recommend this over the third one, but if I'm honest, you can't go wrong with either.

SPOnG Score: 82%
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Cfan 12 Nov 2010 20:06
Pretty much agree with the conclusion. not speaking of bugs but the game as a whole could of done with a bit more polishing and less of the invisible walls at the tops of the cliffs.
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