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Other in-match improvements include player-relevant match stats popping up like they do on TV, and more time spent with the camera up close to players during cut-scenes, showing off the fab player models.

Laughable and possibly libellous
OK, not all the player models are awesome. The likes of Drogba, Messi and Torres are perfect, move down the leagues and they get more generic. Some are just plain awful, like AC Milanís Pippo Inzaghi. Laughable and possibly libellous.

On top of improved character models and Personality Plus are personal goal celebrations. Flair players are more likely to back-flip across the pitch (I always hope they fall) and players noted for their own celebrations perform these at the push of a button.

All the frills to one side, the matches themselves play out very closely to how they did in FIFA 10. Goalies are a bit smarter, crosses are less generic. Graphically little has been improved upon. One major improvement is the penalty system. Using a mixture of timing, stick movement and power, penalties are no longer a matter of luck.

For example, flair players can take false run-ups with little chance of them fluffing up. However, get a penalty in the last minute with the score standing at 1-1 (which you will if you're Man Utd and you're playing at home, eh Man U fans?) and it gets harder; step up to the spot in a cup final and the tension really takes hold.

The biggest difference found on the pitch is the new passing system. Gone is the ticky-tacky passing of FIFA 10, now you have to hold down your preferred pass button to add weight to your passing. This makes for far more realistic and error prone matches.

Career Mode
Career Mode
Custom Job
A sports sim is not a sports sim these days without customisation. Be a Pro is back but now we can add our own chants and music! Does it work? Yeah, I guess it does. Is it worth it? I donít think so. Also, you have to get the audio off your hard disk. Can you be bothered to record, edit and upload your own sounds? Nah, me neither. But I did, I did it for you, and I have to admit that with the games filters they sounded pretty realistic.

If creating things gives you some kind of God delusion then you will love Creation Centre. It gives you the same options as Be a Pro but all the skills are unlocked so you can create 99 rated superstars and entire teams. I donít see the point myself. Being able to make ultimate footballers takes some of the challenge away but if you want to re-create the 1990 England team, and have time on your hands then this is your chance.

On the subject of international teams, I still donít understand why the person (or it could be a committee from the pig's ear that has been made of the task) who picks which international teams make the cut still has a job. From the 32 teams that made it to this yearís World Cup finals seven are missing. Fancy playing as Ghana? Tough luck.

While some of the additions to FIFA 11 (like Be a Goal Keeper and Creation Centre) add little to the game, they also donít detract from it. The more subtle changes and the new Career Mode, on the other hand, take FIFA 10 and bring it that bit closer to perfection. Whatís frustrating is that EA Sports spend so much time working on the marquee changes but still miss some of the little things that when all added up make FIFA the complete game that it is.

SPOnG Score: 93%
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Games: FIFA 11

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