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This adds a completely new feel to the knockout stages of the game. Knowing that you could be putting an end to someone's hard work or that you may have to start all over again makes the games more important and in turn makes the mode extremely addictive.

The second exciting feature is the two-button gaming system. This allows newcomers to the FIFA series a chance to play the game without having to learn every type of shot, pass and tackle. The controls are reduced to just two buttons: Pass and Shoot. The game will then determine what would be the best type of pass (a through-ball, a lobbed pass as example) is best for the situation. It then executes that pass, making the game extremely accessible for gamers who want to get into football games for the first time; it also works for that odd guy who's making up the numbers during a drunken FIFA night.

Even when it comes to the negative aspects of FWCSA2010, you can always see the silver lining. The reduced team count for example. Although we only have access to 199 teams compared to FIFA10's 541, it means to me that more consideration has been given to the teams that are involved. Likenesses have been given more time. The commentating team is able to freely discuss individual players' as well as teams' backgrounds ? all this all adds to the experience.

One thing that is inexcusable though is the removal of 10v10 online play. EA didn't really offer a valid excuse for excluding this from FWCSA2010 and it really should be in there. If EA wants these tie-in games to be seen more as full products and not just as a cash machine then it can't go and remove modes that exist in the main series. Doing so cheapens the feel of the game overall and makes it feel more like FIFA-Lite than a full experience.

Then there is the online community. People who play FIFA games online are, in my opinion, mostly subhuman. They act like children in a park. The moment things don't go their way they pick up the ball and piss off home. Although you can head back knowing that you've technically won the game, this behaviour leaves you feeling somewhat empty; like listening to your favourite album with the last two tracks missing. FWCSA2010 does nothing to punish online quitters and it's a shame. This seems like the perfect platform to gather feedback ? or even to trial some more harsh retribution to block this kind of game-ruining activity.

Conclusion: The one question I keep asking myself is if I would recommend buying this game. The answer isn't simple. If you are a fan of football games then it's a yes. You'll get enough out of it and it feels different enough from it's bigger brother to justify the money. If you're new to the genre then this is a perfect way to get up and running. If, however, you are only looking for a maximum of one kick-about a year then I would suggest keeping to the main game. This is however a fantastic package and one that will eat up more of my time than 95% of other releases this year.

SPOnG Score: 87%

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