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Another mission I played showcased the talents of a well-known comedian ? Omid Djalili has lent his voice to the role of rival nightclub owner Yusuf, who you mingle with in order to steal a subway car. Landing, like Ethan Hunt, on top of a moving train, the plan was to fight my way through armed police choppers and shotgun-wielding officers to the front of the carriage cars, for Yusuf to fly by in a huge pickup plane to lift the front car off the tracks. Mental.

But not as mental as Yusuf himself, who keeps making grand gestures about his status without actually attaining such power yet. Hearing Djalili?s voice adds to the humour of it all, as he puts on his best faux-ignorant Iranian's accent to work in leading you to the next crazy task.

Other missions I played included stealing a helicopter from a rich guy?s yacht, then using it to destroy said yacht (another one of Yusuf?s), and double-bluffing armed police who are tailing you by leading them to an underground car park and unleashing bullet hell on their asses.

Beyond the missions however, Rockstar has added a few new mini-games and alternative activities for Louis to get involved in. Yellow marks in front of various buildings allow you to base jump off of those same buildings, sometimes tasking you with parachuting onto a moving truck, other times asking to land in a specific spot on the ground. I was also told of ?club management?, allowing you to run the nightlife while Tony is away on business.

So, more action, more explosions, more replayability and more insanity and humour. Can?t say I?m not looking forward to the finale of Grand Theft Auto IV, and if the mere thought of parachuting around in Liberty City does it for you, The Ballad of Gay Tony can be downloaded from Xbox Live Marketplace on the 29th October 2009 for 1600 Microsoft Points. Either that or you can buy both this and The Lost and Damned expansions on disc in the ?Episodes From Liberty City? pack, which doesn?t require a copy of GTA IV.
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