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SPOnG: And, the Nintendo stuff?

Martyn Brown: I think the Wii's been a bit of a confusing platform for us. It's all things to everybody.

SPOnG: That's true for everybody except Nintendo, though, isn't it?

Martyn Brown: Obviously Nintendo have done fantastic out of their platform. It's very hard for anybody who isn't Nintendo to nail down who's using it and when and why, and what they want to play.

SPOnG: And is that going to come back and bite them in the backside?

Martyn Brown: There's a lot of things being said about Nintendo saying that they want to re-educate their users about the online side, and they want to grow that. Obviously they've got an eye on what Microsoft, Sony, Apple are doing.

SPOnG: Online's the way you're going to make your Micro-transactions as well, which is where the money's going to be.

Martyn Brown: Totally, so... that has to happen. They have to move to that. And I think they will, they're certainly not stupid. The challenge there is educating the type of users they have; they don't go online, they're not used to buying things.

SPOnG: They're used to eBay and their used to...

Martyn Brown: Yeah, but not with a console. But I don't think it's helped that with the Wii, the online shopping experience isn't particularly great. It's slow, it's a bit dry.

I really think they need to look at that and I'm sure they are looking at that. I think once they crack that, that will be a bit better. I don't know why it's been quite as grim as it is at the moment. Well, they've got the storage space issue as well though you can stick it on SD card and stuff.

I think it's just down to cultural awareness of the people using the machine. It's just a case of re-educating them.

For me, I really like the way that Live Arcade does things in terms of the whole user experience on there, whereas on the Wii, you're a number. It's kind of counter-social almost.

SPOnG: It's 'hardcore'.

Martyn Brown: I don't think that helps in terms of getting people to go on and experience it so much.
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Zoyd Wheeler 29 Jul 2009 18:22
Nice one, sir! Can we see more of these please? :)
King Ranko 29 Jul 2009 19:21
Man, Team 17 - now there's a proper games company - remember back in the 90's when every game they did was just the best thing in the genre by miles!! Overdrive, ATR, Project X, Alien Breed, Body Blows; they were all Amiga perfection, and all were tough as nails...
Those were the good old days eh?
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