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Liberty City itself is huge. I kept trying to envisage the grand scale of things, glancing at the map, then back into in game to see 2D shapes corresponding with a 3D world. It?s not only about what?s in front of you, but what?s above and below. Scaling buildings via fire exits, hiding under bridges, commandeering a helicopter and observing the now ant-world below, there was definitely too much to see for me to remember now ? something I?m solemnly grateful for, as I will get to live through it again upon release.

Hopefully all of the above has given you an idea of what it?s like to live and play in Liberty City online. The game-types themselves you will already know about if you?ve read Pocket Frenzy's article ? if you haven?t, then you really should. What is left to discuss is how things are going to pan out for gamers on the separate consoles.

Whilst the nature of Microsoft?s exclusive content remains unknown to us, we can confirm that the content will not be online multi-player modes. Thus, there are absolutely no differences between GTA IV?s online multiplayer across the two platforms. Not one. Not the slightest bit.

All game types are the same, all possibilities the same; everything ? the same. With the information provided by Rockstar, I think means that we can pretty much cancel out the possibility of the aforementioned exclusive content being multi-player game-types. There is no intention of making new modes just yet. I feel those that I got to sample on the day were more than enough to quench my thirst for blood, carnage, and lulz over the impending months.

For all of the above loving-in and spunk I?ve shot over this game, there had to be a down side. And, unfortunately, it?s a pretty big one. For every amazing sniper headshot made on a helicopter pilot whilst on foot through to every crash or even ridiculous glitch - none of that can be shared at a later date. Not in video form, anyway.

Sorry chaps. No theatre or replay mode.
Despite what I consider to be a major let down, this game will destroy any competition this year. I?m entirely confident that GTA IV could stand alone as a multi-player-only game. I am, in fact, confident in the knowledge that this will take over my gaming life, knocking World of Warcraft from its 'I?m bored, what shall I play?' plinth.

There is evidently an unfathomable amount of fun to be had in this game, combined with what is expected of the single-player, you have the best of both worlds, the best that Liberty City has to offer.

Now to face importunate demands for more information from desperate, unfortunate friends.

Grand Theft Auto IV = raison d'Ítre
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Games: Grand Theft Auto IV

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vyurinov 8 Apr 2008 17:27
Munial 8 Apr 2008 18:21
nice write up.
I could have done without the link to a guy DYING in a car accident though
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James Ramsden 8 Apr 2008 19:38
Don't worry, chaps. He didn't actually die. :)
Spinface 9 Apr 2008 15:11
I agree. Nice write up James.

Tim set me to proofing yours and Pocket's pieces. I saw the combined length and feared for my sanity...

But you got me wanting to play instead of running home crying having read a billion thousand words on one game!
Tim Smith 9 Apr 2008 15:24
Spinface wrote:
Tim set me to proofing yours and Pocket's pieces. I saw the combined length and feared for my sanity...

Just a clarification or two. [1] My decision to retain the link sent by James. [2] I initially edited and in some cases re-jigged both pieces. This means that any and all slicing and dicing; all mistakes of meaning or changes to content, all of these are my fault.

In short, Mark ensured that the final read was clean and tidy with apostrophes and colons nicely placed. I, as ever, am responsible for any inclusions or omissions from two good pieces of original writing.


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