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SPOnG: Teenage Zombies is set to feature comic panels, dialogue boxes and storytelling techniques. What were the challenges of making that work with the DS as a format?

Darren McGrath: That’s a great question! Because of the limited screen size (as compared to an actual comic book) we had to be very deliberate in how we composed each frame/panel so that the pertinent visual information was very clear to the Player. The layouts themselves are really gorgeous! One of the unique aspects of this game is that we’re allowing the Player to actually interact with the text boxes as a sort of tutorial and hint system throughout the levels. The zombies can actually climb up onto the dialogue boxes as part of the navigation.

SPOnG: When's the Wii version??

Darren McGrath: Wii’ve received such a high level of interest in the story and characters that I’m sure you’ll be seeing more from the zombies! (Grins)

SPOnG: Go on.... what else are you guys working on?

Darren McGrath: Hmm… I uh, yeah… well…

SPOnG: To the annoyance of people like SCi's Jane Cavanagh, Canada's attracting a lot of attention at the moment in terms of games development with a lot of big studios opening up thanks to governmental support. A lot of that's focused on Quebec, however. Is BC getting the same sort of support?

Darren McGrath: Not in the same way that’s for sure. In some cases the incentives have been allotted to try and stimulate business development outside of larger metropolitan areas.

SPOnG: What's the atmosphere around the games industry like where you guys are at the moment?

Darren McGrath: It’s a pretty vibrant community in our neck of the woods. There are a lot of new companies trying to break new ground.

SPOnG: What do you think to the UK government's recent assertion that it might challenge Canadian tax breaks for the games industry as a breach of WTO rules?

Darren McGrath: I’d rather not comment too much on any of the political aspects of game development.

SPOnG: What video games have you guys loved this year?

Darren McGrath: I’m enjoying Raving Rabbids 2

SPOnG: What are you most looking forward to in '08?

Darren McGrath: A holiday… maybe.(Grins )

SPOnG: Thanks for your time Darren.

So, there I leave it then - still not entirely (or even slightly) certain what the mutual attraction is between the comic and the video game. Surely it can't just be that "they're both for kids"? It's also intriguing to realise that mere hint of politics can still make game developers shiver.

Still, I'm looking forward to getting a good look at Teenage Zombies in its DS glory.
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