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Games: Unreal Tournament 3
Unreal Tournament 3 (somewhat strangely the fourth version of the series on PC) is out now on PC, to be followed in the United Kingdom early in the new year by a timed exclusive on PlayStation 3. There is also a 360 version in the works at developers, Epic, but no sign as to when that is set to release, as yet.

Unreal has always been the hardcore gamers first person shooter of choice, mainly due to the fact that it’s very fast, very (very) violent and extremely good looking. This latest version doesn’t stray far from the tried-and-tested formula of its forebears, it just looks better and has a few new tasty additions thrown in for good measure. These include the new ‘warfare’ mode (basically an improved version of UT 2004's ‘onslaught’ mode), and some impressively big vehicles, such as SPOnG’s favourite, the War Of The Worlds-alike, ominously-named ‘darkwalker’.

The PS3 version is sure to take the game to a much wider audience than ever before. For those noobs out there who find the idea of jumping straight into an online game to be a little bit too daunting, there is a single-player story-driven mode that you can play through to familiarise yourself with the game and the controls.

Essentially though, UT3 is an online game. It's one that promises to bring in-depth PC-style modding to consoles for the very first time.

SPOnG is very excited about the possibilities. Epic’s Mark Rein is very excited about the possibilities. So, I got together with Mark recently at Birmingham’s Omega Sektor gaming megadrome where we talked about Unreal Tournament 3 and Cliffy B’s hair. Here’s what we said to each other.

SPOnG: Hi, Mark, so is this your first time in Birmingham?

Mark Rein: Hi, yeah it is, actually.

SPOnG: It’s great this place isn’t it?

Mark Rein: I love it! This is amazing… this place just goes on and on… You think you’ve seen it all and then there’s just one more room.

SPOnG: Have you got places like this in the States?

Mark Rein: I’m sure we do, but I’ve not seen one this extensive. I mean, I’m sure there are some, but this is unique. I think they looked for venues around London to do this, you know, because it’s easier for more people, but they couldn’t find anywhere like this in London. It’s brilliant!

SPOnG: So, was this a major factor in your decision to host the Unreal Tournament 3 launch here?

Mark Rein: Well, not me, personally, that was the publisher Midway’s decision. They combed all of the UK to find a place and this is perfect!

SPOnG: So, how long is it since the first Unreal came out?

Mark Rein: 1998, almost ten years. Next May will be the tenth anniversary.

SPOnG: Any big plans for the tenth anniversary?

Mark Rein: No! We don’t look backwards. That’s silly. Well, not silly, but you know what I mean, it’s like… meh… we’re too busy making the next game - or supporting the current game.

SPOnG: And what is the next game?

Mark Rein: Supporting the current game is the next game! (chuckles)
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Games: Unreal Tournament 3

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