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SPOnG: How will the online multi-player be handled, in terms of lobbies and matchmaking as well as online leaderboards?

Yann Tambellini: There will be a worldwide ranking system, available for every Speedball 2 player. We?ve also added a ladder (league) system, to make the competition more attractive. Each player will have their own page on the game portal. This portal will grant an access to these ladders and pages, even more to a clan?s blog, and to the Speedball 2 TV show which will broadcast videos, news and replays from the best players. Players will be able to customise their team logos, their colours, their models and so on. Each player will be able to create their own server and invite friends or other gamers to play on it. We will also have official servers dedicated to competitions.

SPOnG: Mike Montgomery mentioned talks with major league networks to attract the online community. What will this entail exactly?

Yann Tambellini: For the moment, we?ve chosen a free game system, to ensure an access for everyone. Indeed we?re in talks with E-sport websites, with the purpose of offering a complete game experience to unremitting gamers. Talks are still ongoing, that?s one of our major possibilities, but it needs time in order to be correctly evaluated.

SPOnG: Have there been any challenges or obstacles that have arisen during development, due to the obvious pressure placed on you guys to deliver a faithful recreation of a much-loved game?

Yann Tambellini: We?re under an important and constant pressure, and the first positive feedback we?ve received added even more pressure. The biggest challenge was to recreate and reproduce the funny gameplay of the former game. Since this stage was achieved, we?ve begun integrating changes, step-by-step, never getting too far from the original game.

SPOnG: What other features will be present in Speedball 2 that will keep old fans and new gamers hooked?

Yann Tambellini: We?ve done our best to satisfy old fans as well as new gamers. First of all this game will offer -to those wanting it- a gameplay experience similar to the original Speedball 2, by integrating the classic mode and the classic skins. Then, we?re offering new gamers deeper and up-to-date gameplay, along with the online mode and a dynamic community.

SPOnG: How has it been working with Mike Montgomery, someone who is revered for The Bitmap Brothers games in the UK?

Yann Tambellini: Meeting Mike was something extraordinary for us, because we were all revering the Bitmap Brothers while playing their games when we were young. Mike, today, is involved as adviser on Speedball 2 development.

SPOnG: What games, other than those that you are working on, are you most looking forward to this year?

Yann Tambellini: I?m keen on playing Assassin?s Creed, I?m expecting great things from Killzone II, and I?ll keep an eye on Metal Gear Solid IV.

SPOnG: Thank you for your time.
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Games: Speedball 2

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