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I'd love to take the naysayers to one of our professional gaming tournaments...

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SPOnG: If you don't own one already, will you buy a latest-generation console in 2007? And if so, which one(s)? Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii?

Sujoy Roy: I'm happy enough to visit a friend to play on any of the new consoles for now. If I buy any console in the near future it would be just to play new HD or Blu-ray movies. My PC gets me by for computer games, and in all honesty I prefer mouse based games to joystick ones.

SPOnG: When you are buying a new game how do you make the decision what to buy? Magazines? Word of mouth? Pot luck? Other influences?

Sujoy Roy: Buying games used to feel like Pot Luck, but being able to type a few words into Google and see thousands of game reviews instantly changes all that.

These days if someone releases a bad game, they'll be ripped apart on Internet forums.

SPOnG: Do you play games alone, online with others or multiplayer with your partner, family and/or friends?

Sujoy Roy: I can't remember the last time I played a single player game. For me the fun is in challenging another person, and the computer game gives you a fantastic platform to play on. Computers still can't be as sly or devious as real people, so if you want a challenging game you need to be taking on a real person. I play a little online, and with friends on their consoles, but my favourite way to game is in a PC gaming centre where I can sit with my team of 16 players and co-ordinate real strategies.

SPOnG: If you were given carte blanche to design the game of your dreams, what would it be?

Sujoy Roy: My ideal game would be one that combined the pure frenetic skill of Quake games with the massive quest world of RPG games like World of Warcraft. We couldn't have a game like that in the past because you would need incredibly fast Internet connections to make it possible.

SPOnG: What talents could you bring to creating a game? If you had a job with a games development company what would you want your job title to be?

Sujoy Roy: I'm terrible at graphical design, or writing a storyline. So I suppose I would have to be in charge of the Multiplayer side of the game. I think many games are released without proper thought in how people can play together after they've finished the single player missions. I'd also make sure that Internet gaming works smoothly straight out of the box without the player needing a degree in computer science.

SPOnG: What book and/or movie license(s) would you like to see videogame versions of?

Sujoy Roy: I would love to see a game version of Pullman's Northern Lights. I can imagine playing a game where you can control both yourself and your daemon. I expect one will be coming soon with the upcoming release of the movie, so fingers crossed it'll be good. [Editor?s note ? SEGA recently announced the movie tie-in The Golden Compass out later this year].

SPOnG: Finally, it's increasingly rare to see much mainstream 'positive' press coverage about gaming. There is much talk of videogames being 'bad' for gamers (younger games especially). Do you have any thoughts and opinions on this issue? How do you think responsible/good parents should deal with their children's gaming habits and use?

Sujoy Roy: I think the negative comments on computer gaming come from people that don't really understand it. What players enjoy most is not necessarily gory graphics, but the feeling of taking part in a skilful game. As human being we like to be challenged and to test our skill. It's the competition that we enjoy most. I'd love to take the naysayers to one of our professional gaming tournaments to see the amount of dedication put in by the top players.

SPOnG:Thanks for your time, Sujoy, and good luck with Omega Sektor.
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Bob Fossil 6 Jun 2007 17:04
I wish they'd call it something better. Just anything other than Omega Sektor, which sounds like a late 1990s Kazakstani internet cafe chain.

Oh. Just checked on their website. That's exactly where it came from...

DoctorDee 7 Jun 2007 06:32
Bob Fossil wrote:
Oh. Just checked on their website. That's exactly where it came from...

Mr Fossil, with your knowledge of late 90 Khazakhstani culture, you really are impressing us.

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