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A game based on a ludicrous storyline

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Points-wise, you score more for hitting enemies in the head and when you execute a particularly stylish James Bond like kill (as you come out of a speed-roll, for example) and you rack up a higher combo multiplier the more, better kills you manage to complete in a row.

As with Tony Hawks games, The Club is all about racking up massive combos. The idea here is that you are going to want to replay certain levels again and again and again in order to maximise the possible points you can get from each one. You can also watch out for the 'skullshot' signs posted at various points through the level to notch up yet more points. The controls are simple and designed to be context-sensitive, so you can hit the sprint button and your character might kick down barriers or jump over obstacles blocking their progress.

SEGA’s guys demo’ing the game made a number of references to the attempts in The Club at recreating that feeling that any driving game fanatic will know well of ‘being in the zone’. And it certainly looks like they’ve managed to create it - although, until I finally get my itchy trigger finger on the game for another hands on, I’ll reserve any further judgement on that.

So, The Club - a game based on a ludicrous storyline and a concept formed from a mish-mash of genres that, in theory (and based on our first couple of viewings) I hold high hopes for that it might just work. More from SEGA’s pre-E3 shindig later this month, when I’ll hopefully get a further hands on SEGA/Bizarre Creation’s latest baby and find out a little more about how the online and multiplayer aspects of the game will work.
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Games: The Club

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