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OutRun 2006 Drifts In

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OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast, is of course another instalment of SEGA's famous arcade racing game. Inhale those exhaust fumes and hit the open road, with the choice of one of 12 fully licensed Ferrari models, featuring the all-new F430 and the amazing Superamerica: put the pedal to the metal and enjoy the feeling of racing a selection of some of the most beautiful cars in the world, as they power their way across 30 magnificent stages from the best of the OutRun2 original and the follow-up OutRun2 Special Tours arcade experience. You'll race across the states with a fresh mission structure, a license mode and online action for up to six players for exhilarating head-to-head gameplay fun. As an added bonus, the PlayStation 2 version supports connectivity with the PSP version, granting players the opportunity to unlock additional bonuses. So get ready to race from Palm Beach all the way to Cape Way, unlocking new cars, tracks and much more!

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast basically combines the best bits of the OutRun 2 and OutRun 2 SP arcade games; so let's start with OutRun2. For the uninitiated (where have you been? - Ed), there are 15 stages portrayed by an on-screen icon that looks like a snooker triangle full of coloured balls. As you get to the end of each stage, you adjust the difficulty by taking either the left path for an easier ride or the right for a more difficult one. Your only rival is time but beware, there are various obstacles in your way to make life harder, such as slow moving traffic and ridiculously tight bends in the road. The game is very straightforward - drive your selected Ferrari as fast as humanly possible, avoiding everything in your path, power sliding through corners (great fun, as always) in order to get a quicker time. You hit the brakes, turn and slam on the gas to send your tail-end flipping out, then guide your prancing horse with the analogue stick or D-pad ever so gently, keeping the racing line through the turn. You can also snake your car sideways between buses, trucks and hatchbacks, which is arcade-racing action at its finest. As you improve, there are various tricks to nail, like the S-bend shimmy. There is also the Heart Attack mode, where players are ranked after each stage on their ability to do certain tasks over short distances, such as drifting as much as possible, keeping to a specific line and breaking the tape connecting traffic cars.
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