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Posted 25 Nov 2004 16:58 by
The Getaway 2: it?s a big game of cops and robbers set in Lahndahn Tahn, which thusly requires the cliched yet obligatory jibing of London speaking patterns, me old muckers. As yew should well know: da first Hall ov Fame's [game's] geographical know-how was pret'y impressive, an' because dis sequel uses da same framework, i' still 'as that appeal. 'Avin' lived, barneyed an' partied in various spots wivin da mapped area, we felt immediately at Gates ov Rome [home] wivin da Hall ov Fame's [game's] environmun': An' that's because we were. There's just no denyin' da fact that being a Lahndahner, me old Bacardi Breezers [geezers],'ll make yew enjoy everythin' ?bout dis a whole load mawer. Lumme!

Right, that's quite enough of that. Ahem.

We've only just completed San Andreas, and one issue that plagued us for the early stages of that was an amazing knack for getting confusingly disorientated and totally lost. The Getaway 2, however, immediately and literally puts you in your place. If you?re a big smoke resident, just from listening to the place-names mentioned in the cut-scenes, you might know exactly where you are going and how to get there. Any game based in a large city environment that allows you to dispense with a map will obviously draw you in quicker, and for a Londoner (especially with a few chapters of The Knowledge nestling under your flat cap) this is just that.

Unfortunately, it's this same feature that makes you excitedly shout "Cor Blimey!" that will cause you to disappointedly mumble "Oh My Lawd!". That's because it's not quite perfect. That may seem like a unduly harsh criticism, after all, nothing's perfect - least of all London, but the nature of this selling point really does require greater accuracy. If, for instance, you took a photograph of a lovely lady and the resulting image looked sort of like the subject, but with jeans approximately placed where before there were just pants, with the nose skewiff and the ears misaligned, you'd be within your rights to take the camera back to the shop. And you get the same sort of feeling with The Getaway 2 - a problem of not-quite-rightness still hanging over from the first game.
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tyrion 1 Dec 2004 13:22
Well I've had a got at this and it's definatly not much of an improvement on the original.

The first level is an "on foot" one, never the best levels in the first game and not much better here.

The camera on foot has an annoying habit of not keeping behind you, very bad when climbing the stairs on the first level.

Also, the "no HUD" decision makes navigating levels and interacting with squads problematic.

And on top of all that, the pub I used to drink in when I lived in London village isn't there, again!
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