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Stupidity - ours and everyone else's

Posted 22 Nov 2004 17:34 by
Itís too easy to feel stupid these days. Thereís too much going on to keep up with and itís starting to piss SPOnG off a bit. But there is hope; a new Zelda offering, surely a respite from this increasingly cruel existence.

We started to feel slightly better; loading up the Capcom co-developed Minish Cap our GBA SP coming to life. We felt even better reading one review of the game that began, ďDu-du-da-DA! It all comes down to that. Every time you encounter that symbolic fanfare, you've just found something worth cheering. You hear it a lot. And the journey to each salute is deliberately meandering and reliant on your constant adjustment to circumstances.Ē

Itís like he squeezed it all night long but nothing came outÖ

However, as is always the case, our slightest hint of a smile, perhaps the best feeling we had enjoyed in weeks, was soon crushed, devoured by the darkness - and reality hit home. We have become stupid. Dungeon one in Minish Cap stumped SPOnG for ages. Dungeon one! The first dungeon. Oh god!

It gets worse. Simple, SIMPLE puzzles involving sliding little squares around went wrong, resulting in the shameful ďwalk out of room for magic block resetĒ coming into play far too often.

What has happened? Our brains used to be strong and powerful. Is the game harder than say, Link to the Past? No, though itís certainly more cerebrally expansive, bringing scale-driven access gaming into the mix. This however, isnít reason enough for our decline. We have become stupid. Itís probably the lager.

SPOnG will now nutshell Minish Cap. Itís a Zelda game right? Arguably the spiritual sequel to the SNES monster Link to the Past. Itís standard stuff except for one key gameplay mechanic Ė You can shrink. You discover a hat, or a cap, made by the Picori. Picori are really small people who live dotted about Hyrule. They made a cap, a rather annoying cap that lives on your head throughout the game. You keeping up? Small people, called Picori, made an annoying cap, lives on your head, reminds you of Jar Jar Binx. The cap enables Link to shrink to Picori size and do small person things.
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Stroberi 23 Nov 2004 09:24
Great review. Even though I still haven't finished the game, mostly due to trying to unlock all possible secrets and fuse all Kinstones (ah, Tingle and your twin brothers, how much I hate you) I feel it will definitely be one of my favourite games of all time. Staying right there with Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, it's a gem of a game, with very artistic style, perfect gameplay and mind-boggling puzzle and dungeon design. The presence of the two sizes dynamics makes for a very interesting twists and the sheer satisfaction of unlocking a new item or solving a new task will make-up for the hours upon hours you will invest in this creativity-fest. Highest recommendation for everyone, who likes Link, previous Zelda titles, or games in general.
Joji 23 Nov 2004 15:49
Great review, I already went and purchased it before the review went up though. I figured when Nintendo and Capcom work together some cool games are made, Capcom have proved themselves again with LoZ Minish Cap.

Still got Kingdom Hearts CoM and Final Fantasy 1+2 DoS next month too, good time to be a hand held gamer.
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