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Although each of these features is fairly insignificant when looked at independently, together they meld into a veritable marmalade of criminal excitement. Just as in previous games, the player will revel in actually being, living, and thinking like a gangsta (to the inevitable delight of the anti-Mario Daily Mail crowd). And for all us twenty-somethings who spent our teens treading the unremarkable streets of British suburbia wearing enormous trousers and T-shirts with overt references to spliff-rolling, whilst flinging up misunderstood gang-signs to similarly misunderstood youths; this time it's for real, mofo. Close your curtains, crack open a bottle of Hennessey, fill a hollowed cigar with dried banana skins and indulge in those adolescent fantasies. This is how it is in the hood G, for real, word is born. Peace, One love etc.

Answering the plea from fans, San Andreas’ customisable nuances also go beyond CJ himself. Various garages in the gamiverse will now offer up a variety of mods for your chosen/stolen vehicle. Obviously, you can get a paint change; but this time you can also get your car lowered, modded and packed with nitrous. Although the nitro-injection is the only performance-affecting upgrade available, the superficial advances are still extremely welcome. Rolling out of the garage in a pitch black muscle car, with big shiny bumpers and sparkling gold rims is by far and way the most stylish way to embark on a drive-by. Booka! Booka! Booka!

One of the (slight) criticisms of earlier GTA games was that once you’d found a car you liked, you might nip off into a building to run an errand/slap an innocent, to find your wheels vanished on your return. The apparent explanation for these vehicular disappearing acts was that the police would spot these abandoned stolen cars and somehow reclaim them. So in San Andreas, these recovered automobiles don’t just disappear from your parking spot; but they’ll actually find their way back to the SAPD impound yard. If you had the phattest ride this side of Midnight Club, you might as well sneak in and steal it back.
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Rod Todd 19 Oct 2004 11:16
This sounds like a whole bunch more of the same to me. I mean, OK - props to BigRockCockstar for coming up with the whole GranThefturismo concept in the first place - but they are flogging a dead horse a bit now, aren't they?

Rather than putting the considerable talents of DMA^H^H^H Rockstar North to creating original new games, they are just taking the safe and rather sad EA route of wheeling out the equine corpse, and making it up and jiggling it about a bit for that "not really dead" effect.

Sure there's a bit of new stuff in GTASA. But it's hardly a motherload is it. Yeah, I'm sure the gullible saps, sorry, fans of the series will lap it up a couple more times... but even they have to get bored eventually.
Kaxxx 19 Oct 2004 11:38
Ive never really warmed to the series and im sure nothing will change with this one either. Plenty of people love the series and fair enough to them though. If you like GTA then this is going to be a superb addition to the series.

Personally, i let it pass me by.
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