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Topic started: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 18:02
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The Absinthe Review Network
Joined 18 Jun 2004
Mon, 9 Apr 2007 18:02
The reviews, it seems, are not good thus far. However, I'm glad to see Sega returning to their style of arcade flair that they seemingly had lost these past few years.

I have no doubt, however, that what you are seeing currently are simply filler titles that are leading-up to Sega's TRUE next wave of killer titles for the next gen systems. At long last, Nights for the Wii is a reality! Sega will be handling the legendary Alien series, which is perfect for a frantic paced title. Alien Syndrome is being refined (hopefully, anyway), and I think this will fill the void for traditional shooters that Wii party games have been filling instead. Shenmue III will arrive SOMEDAY, you know it as well as I do, I believe when the 360/PS3 engines have been tapped and can finally produce the lifelike images predicted before either console was unveiled. And Streets of Rage next-gen is a no brainer somewhere in the future.

Quite a lot to look forward to, really! Now just get Yakuza 2 over to the states, Sega!
Svend Joscelyne
Joined 14 Jul 2004
Mon, 9 Apr 2007 18:06
I agree with you there. I always thought the last generation was a filler gap for SEGA to really get re-acquainted with the third party industry again before starting off anything major. STH was a bit bleh, and Super Monkey Ball Wii was apparently less than expected, but this upcoming wave of games certainly look impressive.

Especially Afterburner PSP and Arcade. And The Club. That looks hot.
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The Absinthe Review Network
Joined 18 Jun 2004
Tue, 10 Apr 2007 13:42
A few years ago I thought that the Sega Ages titles in Japan were an indication that Sega was serious about resurrecting the old franchises very soon on current-gen consoles. The Phantasy Star 3D remake in particular had me drooling! I was so disappointed when they turned out to be rushed titles (from what I heard, I admit I have yet to play them) with modest sales in Japan. Then when they finally arrived on US shores we got the best of the series in the form of a budget title "Sega Collection", but it just appears that Sega gave it very little care. Oh, and WE DIDN'T GET THE PS REMAKE!

Man,...I just remember how that really got my hopes up...I was expecting a Streets of rage next-gen announcement any day, lol. Ah well, shattered dreams can be mended with new ones being fulfilled, such as Nights on Wii.:)
offal eater
Fri, 13 Apr 2007 12:29
I've played PSP AfterBurner for quite a bit and it get really really hard after only a few levels but it does looks nice

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