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Thu, 10 Feb 2005 09:21
When are we having Scrapheap Challenge: The Game?
No longer frequenting SPOnG. It's been nice knowing you guys :).
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Thu, 10 Feb 2005 10:10
Adam M wrote:
When are we having Scrapheap Challenge: The Game?

I was thinking more along the lines of these games based on great Discovery programmes;

"Super Structures: The Mechano Years"
Build big s**t and see if it can withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami or meteorite strikes

"Flaming Barbeques: Build a Better Barby"
Like Burger time, but your overzealous foreman passes you an seemingly endless stream of building materials which you have to put together from a really vague sketch he drew over a pint down the pub

"Extreme Machines: Collision Course"
Like Demolition Derby, but with Hummers, tanks, nuclear (it's pronounced; nucular) subs and aircraft carriers, etc.

"Mythbusters: Lethal Pranks from Household Items"
Like a mini A-team game, where you get to dimantle s**t and then make life treatening toys from the parts. High pressure air, explosives and firearms feature heavily.

"Time Team: Dig up yo yard"
A really boring game where it rains, mostly, and involves a lot of mud. The high point is trying to decide if the broken crockery is an old builder's mug, or an ancient Roman relic.

See! I missed my vocation as a game designer... or the guy comes up with titles for straight-to-TV movies

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