Halo 3 on Target for E3

In disappointingly unplayable video shocker.

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Halo 3 on Target for E3
IGN claimed earlier today that Microsoft will be showing footage from Halo 3 at E3 next month. Which, in terms of news, is kind of on par with saying they will also have some 360 demo cabinets at the show too.

However, as it is one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2007 (face it Halo fans, it?s not coming out this year) we thought we?d share the information with you, because we?re that kinda site.

According to the report on IGN: ?The next iteration in Bungie Studios' Halo series will appear at E3 2006 in video form at its Tuesday, May 9 news conference?.The video is allegedly two minutes long, although its contents weren't divulged. We're guessing a wild breathtaking battle on Earth. Knowing Microsoft, the publisher will want to show all real, in-game engine footage to counter Sony's fantastical CG videos from E3 2005.

Microsoft has infamously reiterated that Halo 3 will be ready when Bungie is finished.?

SPOnG has been granted a rare audience with Microsoft top brass at E3, so we will, of course, be firing a few Halo-related questions their way. Microsoft Game Studio?s General Manager Shane Kim has said recently that there is to be a significant Halo 3 announcement at E3. We?ll be the first to let you know what it is.


OptimusP 28 Apr 2006 17:42
It's says a lot that Halo 3 hasn't got any comments yet but the Wii-tread has over 30...

Ninendo has become the master of creating huge fuss with minimal effort.

jadnice 28 Apr 2006 17:52
That so true...Right now Nintendo is all the Buzz...

Seriously is this really a surprise. They have to show something on Halo 3. It would be suicide not to. You have Nintendo who is right the Buzz in the industry; you have the super power PS3 with great games and graphics to show at E3. Microsoft has to show something on their meal ticket Halo or else no one will remember them at the end of E3.
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LUPOS 28 Apr 2006 21:44
OptimusP wrote:
It's says a lot that Halo 3 hasn't got any comments yet but the Wii-tread has over 30...

while im a huge fan of nintendo the preceedign stement is kind of moot for two reasons:

a) this post hastn been up nearly as long as the Wii anouncement which was put up yesterday.

b) this is hardly news to the MS fans

if bungie came out tomorrow and said... halo3 will have... TRIPPLE WEILDING!!!!!oneone!!!!111

then everyoen would be talkign up a storm cause it woudl be a similar kind of seemingly idioc/genius stunner.
DaPistolPat 30 Apr 2006 03:00
uuuhhhhmmmmm well anyone who plays halo and has the internet knows that the place to be for halo info is bungie.net, bungie will be showing info before any stinking press release statement gives you any.
Joji 1 May 2006 22:18
Tekken 6, Ridge Racer 7, .........Halo 3...really...surely not. Not surprised by this at all but I think Bungie should try something new. Halo series is cool but I'd like to see something else from them.

Come on Bungie, something new, please.
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